Response to Shine's "A Brief Look Inside the WBO"

Hi guys!

I'm not sure where best to post this, but it's been suggested that my response to the earlier incident involving Shine, Lunchbox and The_Gotham be posted as a final note on it. You can read my personal response here:

While I don't agree with everything being stated by Shine, Lunchbox and The_Gotham - and hugely disagree with the false information, acusations and gaslighting going on - the concerns raised by them won't be disregarded and we'll take some of these to heart when making some decisions in the future. We have since briefly communicated with Shine and this discussion has been resolved.

The management team within the WBO are very open to your comments and criticism, and we take a lot of it on board more than you believe we do. If you have a legitimate concern with the WBO as a whole, please do feel free to discuss anything with me via my PMs. We're definitely not as scary or tyrannical as we might seem - we're just Bladers like you - and the team and I are always happy to engage with any of you as and when necessary.

We would appreciate that this incident is not discussed further onsite, and that this is the final word on the topic. We wish the guys over at Pixel Academy all the best with their future endeavours.

Thanks all!