[Product]  BB-105 Big Bang Pegasis F:D

Starter to be released around March 28th 2011 for 1260 yen. Comes with a Right Launcher 2.

[Image: bigbangpegasis.jpg]

And Pegasis 'evolves' again.

(NOTE: All of the images posted below are from Beyblade Parts House)
Big Bang Metal Wheel

The new System of Tracks and Bottoms getting combined as one part. (This is probably a SF with rubber coating around it)

Top View of the whole Bey (from manga)
(The new Face design looks great, IMO)

Another view of the Bey (from manga)

(Feb. 11, 2011  4:53 PM)Kai-V Wrote: http://ameblo.jp/ginta-mixx8/image-10797...11734.html
The colours do not seem as cool as they were on the smaller picture I posted ...

The new system appears to be extremely compact.

F:D is confirmed to stand for Final Drive.

The new "Clear Wheel" is apparently heavier and stronger­. They still use the term "Clear Wheel" ...

The three layers of the Big Bang Metal Wheel. One part is made of polycarbonate it seems.

A recolour already. Golden Wing version.

(Feb. 18, 2011  3:59 AM)OkinawamTS Wrote: BeyBlade Big Bang Pegasus F:D

click to see the movie
thanks diamond, welp, what a cliché thing that the writers have done ^^ but it sure looks beautiful ^^

EDIT: tbh i wasn't expecting it this early, more hoping it would release/advertise when 3rd season came out.
Metal wheel looks nice Grin and the face is great
I was waiting this. New system so excited..
No date? No more information?
Awww T_T does it means MFB era is ending? Also that Big Bang wheel looks epic! Thanks Diamond, wish I could live with you =(. Also the tip looks like it can perform like DMSUV.
(Jan. 14, 2011  6:53 PM)Gianmarco.93 Wrote: No date? No more information?
Unfortunately, no.

Big Bang looks amazing aesthetically; I'm hoping it'll actually be effective, though.

Not really feeling the new Track and Bottom, unless there's something revolutionary about the customisation possibilities.

Thanks Diamond. :]
(Jan. 14, 2011  6:54 PM)Anime101 Wrote: Awww T_T does it means MFB era is ending?
Not sure about the MFB line, but I believe that Season 2 (Explosion) will end soon.

Here in Hong Kong, the local TV Channel recently started broadcasting two MFB Explosion episodes per week. At this rate, we'll actually catch up, if not surpass, the episode broadcast dates in Japanese after a while.

Big Bang Pegasis is probably a Bey from Season 3 though, so all is good(?)
It must be mine! But come on, can't Sagittario get a new bey before this one comes out? T__T I still <3 it!
(Jan. 14, 2011  6:57 PM)♥ Wrote: Not really feeling the new Track

The track actually looks like it can fit/clip 'something' underneath it. (not going to say anymore)
I wonder where Ginga is going to find this one. Maybe he'll actually buy this one Gasp

Naaaah. he's too classy for that. He'll just find it in a cave-volcano-satellite-other planet. Does look cool, though.
Hmm....if the tip and the track are fused....then wdf.....
If this ever happans for other future beyblades, this will seriously stop some potentially good combos;
(Jan. 14, 2011  7:09 PM)Scourge Wrote: Hmm....if the tip and the track are fused....

I thought the same, but right now its just a 3D render so wait for the real product to advertise then we can make real judgements.
Thanks for the update Diamond!

The Track (or Customized Track...) remind me of the old plastic bases...

Big Bang seems to me like a Galaxy with wings drawned on it.
Is it just me or doesbit look like part of the tip can be remmoved I wonder is that. New Peggy cw
Loving it! Big bang, Pegasis and face look awesome.
The track thing doesnt look too good, but if its customisable, then i want it!
Thanks for the Update Diamond!

Really embracing MFB as they are now, a big leap of customisation is happening.

This will be yet another Bey which is a must get.
The Track+Bottom remind me of Spin Gears...
(Jan. 14, 2011  7:46 PM)Ra Wrote: Is it just me or doesbit look like part of the tip can be remmoved

if you mean the rubber coat then i assume its production process, it clips onto it so it should be removed, but i don't think TT wants us to do it ^^.
From the image of the Big Bang wheel it seems to have a huge upper attack, lets see hope that is really effective
Thanks for the update, Diamond! Although I'll have to be slightly pessimistic here; the Metal Wheel looks a bit like Galaxy, and I have the faintest feeling that it may perform like Galaxy as well. Lips_sealed

It looks great though~!! And I hope I'm wrong about its performance.
That Big Bang Metal Wheel looks AWESOME! I cant wait for this. I think that the track/bottom thingy is kinda weird though. I still cant wait, a new system! Grin
(Jan. 14, 2011  7:55 PM)BakaPhoenix Wrote: From the image of the Big Bang wheel it seems to have a huge upper attack, lets see hope that is really effective

I really hope that is not the confirmed name of the metal wheel, "Big Bang", i would dislike that name if it is, because it reminds me of the korean boy band Big Bang >.>

Also, Galaxy (and other metal wheels) it also looked like it had upper attack potential but in the end it worked out as smash potential, i'm certain it'll be the same with this, especially with the lower "wing" of the metal wheel being there.

EDIT: The lower "wings" seems to also reach outwards more compared to the larger "wings"
Also I just noticed that the clear wheel has two heads of pegasis. Sorta like the LDrago II clear wheel.
It will get redundant to repeat "I HAVE MY BIG BANG PEGASIS, LET'S BATTLE!".

The track/tip thing reminds me of a wind-up gear motor. What the actual Christ?