[Philadelphia, PA] Holiday Tournament Discussion

is this tournament stile on?
That's a good question
What do you mean? There's only one tournament. Uncertain

and who are you referring to when you say "his"?
He meant the tournament we're going to have next Saturday. I haven't gotten the green light yet under the proposals section.
will you have random boosters? and which one will you have?
did they give us the green light yet? they are realy cutting it close
what if they don't let us know if the tournament is on until later in the week like thursday or friday then what?
will there be any Killer Beafowl random boosters?
I have no idea what they are doing about it right now.
so when do you think they'll give us a go on the tournament?
plus, will you be selling any basalt horogium?
I have no idea. The ones who would know the answer to that question would be the committee, not me, because I'm not in charge.

No, I don't have Basalt. Unhappy
ok.so how many bladers do you think will end up coming?
I have no idea. If this doesn't get approved, none of them will.
Ok, I get recommendation that this should be a tag-team tourney, is that Ok?
What? Of course not.
My arrival is possible.
i have some very bad new, and some good news.
Bad: my grand father changed his mind and said that we can't go to the tournament.
Good: the new season of beyblade starts on the 27th.☻
Are you serious? After we just got it approved?

Why did he change his mind?