New — bug and issue reporting

This is a known issue, and unfortunately one that I haven't pointed out publicly as I haven't formally announced the Participant Cap feature, haha. I had wanted to make sure it was working as intended first.

Unfortunately, yes, participants cannot remove themselves from an event if the event hits it's cap. As a compromise until this issue is resolved, Contributors and Committee are able to remove them from the event, so anyone wanting to drop out should be contacting a member of the team, or the Event Organizer so they can make the arrangements instead.

Hopefully we'll have this resolved soon!
The Certificate needs to Updated. People are facing trouble opening WBO
We're aware of the issue, though this was something we fixed and renewed for two years before anyway. So something is going horribly wrong here, haha.

Bear with it for now and we'll sort it ASAP!

EDIT: Fixed. Hopefully.