[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

Ok guys! It's getting close can't wait to see most of you at BeyDays in Grand Rapids. But onto the next one. It will definitely be near detroit on the weekend of June 23-24th. Day, Time or Location are not set yet but.... We're leaving a lot of the decision making on that up to The Legend Bladerz because this is the goodbye tournament for their leader AJ. He will be moving to Virginia in July so we want to send him off with a "Big Bang" So I really hope a lot of you will make it Grand BeyDay but if you can't I understand and heres too looking forward to the June Tournament!

P.S. a little incentive to come to Grand BeyDay 1st place = Zero-G Start Dash Set (stadium and Red Samurai Ifriad)with Zero-G grip, all other prizes will remain secret. BeyDay is a big deal so the prize should be too!
Yessssssss do the 24th my middle school graduation dinner is the 23rd also the first place prize is mine mwahahaha!
but that sucks for the legendbladers....
Ill try to get a location for july!
do Grand Ledge for a tournament in June
June's tournament is going to be in Rochester hills on Sunday the 24th (most likely) for the Legend Bladerz. It will be AJ's last tournament before he moves to Virginia, so we are letting them set it up. We've narrowed it down to two parks, I've asked them to check them out and see which will work best for our needs.
(May. 14, 2012  12:19 AM)StormPegasus645 Wrote: do Grand Ledge for a tournament in June

i will try to get a location bettween detroit and grand ledge
Edit: see post below for potential tournaments but I MUST have bladers confirm they can go BEFORE I can ask the WBO to make it official....
that might not work but maybe it will how about a little closer to detroit
Well I want them all in my backyard too, but... Host it then. I'll plan on East Lansing though I think thats fair. You do realize that's still a 2 hour drive for me. But anyway. I told StormPegasus i'd be willing to pick him up for the Rochester Hills tournament too.
i guess ur right about that u r a host so i wouldnt want to strees u out even more yea lansing works i can ty to get robin one to take me. he also told me if he does not have boxing that saterday of grand rapids he will go
Hey guys if you really need to get a hold of me feel free to find me on Google+ search Klaus Blade lol serious I did it! We can do hangouts which is a free video chat with up to 10 people! totally awesome think of doing this with your teammates, and like this tournament attendees that don't live near you... also a side not Kai-V let me set up a WBO page so search World Beyblade Organization. I think Google+ has much more to offer than FB and you can easily create an email alias like I did. I actually have 2 G+ pages one real and one Klaus Blade no he doesn't have a last name in the show. at least that I'm aware of..
Wow klaus nice idea!
I feel bad because I was supposed to attend a tournament in Fort Wayne Indiana, but he can't get enough attendees and I figured one long drive a week for the Michigan bladers is more than anyone can expect. But if you are closer to Fort Wayne IN look in to it, I know he really wants one.

Ok guys BeyDays is coming to a park near you! "BeyDays part 2 the Echo Heard in Detroit" Just where not quite sure. Yuko sent me a few on the South Side right on the Detroit River... I'd prefer to keep it a little easier to get to, I'm in favor of Farmington Hills again, if DaWRETCHED is willing to claim the spot again... That's the key, we need a spot and somebody willing to get there way ahead of time and claim a spot. Flat ground with plent of room because who knows how many will show up.

I am really hoping everybody who was planning on coming to Grand Rapids still comes. That is the main event with the good prizes. I actually have no idea what I will do for prizes for Detroit may just have to pick up some Hasbros, unless somebody is willing to help out. Ok so give me easy to get to locations if you're willing to save a spot!

Also I need to build an attendees list so let me know if you're able to attend!

I can be there to claim it
K guys I need a list of who can come to Bloomers Park in Rochester Hills (North Detroit) on Sunday June 24. This will be our next event and a goodbye to Legendbladers AJ. Hope this is a good send off before his move to Virginia.

If you're in the area please come, and let me know so I can make a proposal to make it legit! Thanks
All legend bladerz can come
U know I can not sure about my bro......
Also I might be hosting a tournament for July in bele isle detroit its a nice park hope to get support from the usual hosts u two know ho u are. Also if any one can give Stormprgasus645 a ride here that would be great he is on my right now two man team and I really would like him to come. Date is probably going to be July 7th or 8th give date that works best for u thanks Yuko Out!
Ok Everybody, we had two great events for BeyDays weekend over Memorial Weekend. Thanks for everybody who came out to both. But Primarily the event in Grand Rapids we were able to get somewhere around 15-20 kids who have never experienced a WBO tournament before. The other one in Farmington Hills was because PattyCakeChamp! wasn't able to make it across the state so I told him to start one himself and I offered to help. That event was mainly regulars with one new girl. Both were very fun and brought different challenges than eachothers, as I was able to make it through the 29 bladers with just requiring 6 matcheswithout a loss on Saturday. On Sunday with just 12 bladers it was Round Robin Format. I lost my very first match but somehow with a lot of luck managed to catch a few ties that required tiebreakers and able to make my way all the way to first after 17 battles!

Remember if you competed at all you're entered into the BeyDays Beylotto you could win from your choice of beyblade to a Theif Phoenic to a facebolt under your avatar of choice. And again welcome to all the new WBO members who showed up welcome to the community.

Ok, my plans for upcoming tournaments.
As for the East side of the state. I will be hosting the event for the Farewell Tournament for AJ from the Legendbladers. This will take place in Rochester Hills on Sunday June 24. I still need more confirmed attendees to get the proposal for the event going to make it officially sanctioned. So let me know or post in this thread.

I plan on heading North for my next one. I lived near Traverse City for 6 years and have friends up there with kids that wanted to come to GR but couldn't make it. I'm thinking around Cherry Festival which I believe is still the week after the 4th of July. I'm not sure if there are ANY current members who live up there but even if you're going up for Cherry Festival keep this in mind. and let me know, may do it big right on the Open Space on the bay would be a cool location.

My last event of the summer will be along the Lake MI lakeshore in most likely late July early August. With all the new comers to Grand Rapids and I was requested by one of the parents to do this, it'll happen as long as we get enough confirmed attendees again. I'm thinking Tunnel Park on the North side of Holland. But let me know your ideas for an exact date and location all will be taken in to consideration.

Thanks guys hope you guys comment on here or at least PM me with your ideas.

@Yuko, sorry man as you can see I'll be driving out to the East side of the state for one more time for AJ's Farewell. But I'm not going to plan on another event out there this summer. DaWRETCHED might have another one without me I'm sure, but I have no plans to make another trip out there till September at least... Otherwise Yuko, try to run one. It is a bit of an undertaking to say the least if you try though.
ok ill host september i know i cant go to traverce city without a ride not sure about laksore
This picture below shows the maximum I'm able to travel. I might go a little bit outside of it, but it will be a bit harder to talk my parents into it.

Roughly 230 mi. radius as the crow flies.

EDIT: Hang on, it's not working... I'll get rid of it for now. I live in Warsaw, IN, so my "comfort zome" is an arc passing through Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Ann Arbor.
Yuko you can try whenever you want. You don't have to wait till Sept. Just have to follow the rules and get bladers....
Dude I do plan on doing a few at Millenium Park this summer just not anything set yet.
Great. Also, your Holland idea would work for me as well.
Anybody up for a Friday Night June 15 at around 5:30 OR Saturday June 16 around noon at Millenium Park Grand Rapids? PLEASE RESPOND if you're in the area.
Also need to know if anyone can confirm they can go to AJ's Fairwell on the North Side of Detroit June 24th.

i might go