[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

So what specific day? And time?
Okay I THINK it's been approved, but need the official ok from WBO staff!

*The President's Beyblade Tournament!

February 19th, 2012.

Time: 2pm Registration and Freeplay/Warm-up
2:45pm Rules
3pm Tournament Begins till Tournament Ends.
Free Play till Everyone goes home!!!

Wonder World Comics
22347 ecorse rd
Taylor MI, 48180.
Web: http://www.wonderworldcomics.com

Block Round Robin, if more then 24 participants will result to Double Elimination.

$5 to Participate in Tournament or $10 for WBO Passport
(Free to WBO Passport holders)

1st, 2nd and 3rd

PattyCakeChamp! and Friend.
Blad3r X and Friends

I Have 4 Official bb-10 attack stadiums, If you have a BB-10 Attack stadium BRING IT! that will help a lot for tourney to run smoothly and swiftly. And plus there are a lot of points need to be made!!!

Pm me if you have anymore questions!


XD I got every blader at cass tech high school like "OHHHH **** Im bout to be there!" but only a couple are gonna make it i bet you. (the freinds i was speaking of.) AHHHHHH My new Beat lynx Wont Make it to this tourney! Dx It wont come till Feb 24........Dx Cant wait to see everyone there! Free Play WILL BE EPIC!
sweet! i might be able to come if my mom dosen't have to work and plus i know excatly where that place is
I'm a here. Too late to join in?
I dont think so, and ThatVonGuy is one of my peps i was talking bout, DAWretched! xD
Hope the turn out is good and the weather is better. Is it official yet?
(Jan. 30, 2012  12:44 AM)TwistedLeone79 Wrote: Hope the turn out is good and the weather is better. Is it official yet?

I really hope the weather is good for you guys too, The Tourney is not official yet, i still need to answer some more questions and to make sure that i know my stuff.

TwistedLeone79 you should start preparing our next Michigan Tournament In March over in Holland, Grand Rapids or Lansing so we can come over and Have some Bey FUN!!!
I want to thank everyone for participating in the Presidents Beyblade Tournament in Taylor, Michigan.

Now lets MOVE onward towards, aah....... about Mid West of Michigan, The Capital of Michigan............LANSING!

Yes! Lansing, Michigan, Reason for location is so that we can Spread WBO Tournaments through out at least lower part of Michigan. And we can reach WBO Members from 1hr to 1hr half drive from every direction. It will be an ideal and convenient DRIVE for all Michiganders of a radius from Cities like Holland, Detroit, Muskegan and even from TOLEDO, OHIO!!!

So our IDEAL Date for this next Tournament would be on Saturday March 31st, right before April 1st known as April Fools day!!!

Our Tournament name would be "FOOLS! Rush In Beyblade Tournament"

Our location is undetermined, i did make a few phone calls. Would you guys like to have it at a park? There are lots of nice parks with shelters and picnic tables, or how about under a Parking Structure??? lol or we can have it at Comic book store again, we were kinda crowded in the last comic book store and also we was also LOUD!!! so i don't want to get kicked out for having a rowdy crowd, i would hope that our members from the WBO would be on their best behavior, and set a good example to the new upcoming members. But enough said lets see what we can dish up for this March 31st beyblade tournament OKAY??? okay!

I will be updating this post and to see how much progress we've made for this event.

Let me know what you think, and also with a show of HANDS!!! or a post if it is Possible that you'll would be able to make it!

Thanks for reading this, and it's you that can make this event HAPPEN!

~DaWRETCHED-one signing off!!!!

Let's count down at 3......2.......1...let it Rip!

You know you got two from Holland! Very disappointed we missed the last one. Mark Rockleone04 and Klaus down. And thanks for all your work if you need any help PM me
Okay so lansing is a maybe for me guys, If at the comic again, thats a yes. My mom said lansing is a hour drive, and me attending will depend upon the date! Mark me down! lol oh and thanks for that last tourney man, it was Rather fun!
So what's going on the tourney proposal? Looks like we need some more competitors for sure huh?

with such a great turn out at the last event I thought it would be a gimme to get 8, well if you need to keep it in Detroit and maybe move it back a few weeks. We're fine with that I'm willing to drive to Detroit, was planning on it last time.

Oh and an FYI my son RockLeone04 is now Sagittario-Fire.
I want to have it in Lansing, if it end up being just the eight of us, then so be it. So the show must go on!!!

Umm i'm still working out the kinks, It will be at a Park. There will be playgrounds for the kids to entertain themselves and outdoor picnic tables and shelter.

Here is the Location:
John M. Patriarche Park
960 Alton Road
Saginaw Highway at Alton Street
Softball, tennis, basketball, baseball, playground equipment, large play fields, volleyball, benches, picnic tables, grills, restrooms, covered pavilion.

I will try set up a proposal this week.

i'll keep you guys posted.
(Mar. 15, 2012  3:55 AM)DaWRETCHED-one Wrote: I want to have it in Lansing, ...

Here is the Location:
John M. Patriarche Park
960 Alton Road

Well, that's actually East Lansing you know... ;p

I used to live less than 1/2 a mile from that park when I went to State. Eee
Sorry mine is a maybe, Lansing is a bit of a stretch for me ! Uncertain I was pumped to see you guys again !
Sweet! Im so there! (I hope!) WIth my new secret custom.... >Grin Mwhahahaha! Yeah, lansing is a maybe, but im hoping i can make it!
Good to hear people I thought this might have fallen through! DaWretched-One are you awake some place lol? Ok people after this tournament I'm hoping to host one in Grand Rapids soon, by the looks of it neither of you two would be will to travel that far correct? No date is set at all so if there is a time you'd be able to/willing to travel out this way let me know!
Ok, I just checked in to reserving a picnic area at Millenium Park in June.... Well not going to happen there they want almost $300 for a weekend reservation. I can do it at a couple nice parks on Lake Michigan between Holland and Grand Haven. Just a little further for your East Siders but hopefully the Lake will be warm enough to swim in as well. So the work is in progress, for the next one. Todays in East Lansing was fun, (even though I only went 4-5 lol)
A, Are there any bladers in the ann arbor or ypsilanti area. If so pm me asap.
Who's up for a tournament near Grand Rapids on Memorial Weekend to take part in Bey Days? Let me know what works and doesn't work for you! Saturday or Sunday? Early, midday, or afternoon? This tournament will happen hope everybody can make it. Im planning on A park, not sure where yet. It'll not be Millennium unfortunately it is very expensive to reserve a covered picnic area there, but there are a few other parks I'm looking at right around the corners from there. I thought bout having one at a beach park on Lake MI but I want to keep the traveling simple for everybody. Well either comment or PM me with ideas.
I'm in
Okay, I know this is Kinda Late!!!

BUT.... Their will be a TOURNAMENT in APRIL! ...If we can get the people!

Date: Sunday APRIL 29th, Registration @12:00pm, Start Time 1:30pm Sharp!

So.. I found a really nice park in Farmington Hills Michigan with LOTs and LOTs of space.

Location is at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills, Click on the link below for Location.

Here is a Closer Look at Heritage Park!

Yuko Ray14
Random Guy
Masta Blasta