[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

Oh wow you haven't said a word bout this. Any day or time in mind? Because of my work schedule I'll have a tough time committing unless its on a Sunday
(Apr. 12, 2012  12:30 PM)Klaus Wrote: Oh wow you haven't said a word bout this. Any day or time in mind? Because of my work schedule I'll have a tough time committing unless its on a Sunday

I'm sorry, I don't know what i was thinking, I thought since you came out to E.Lansing, maybe you wouldn't want to come out this far.

But I would love it for you guys to come out!
i might come
Detroit hey we should have a michigan tournament there is on in grand rapids but that is to far i saw some one say they lived in okland thats not far from me
The Legendbladers are definitely coming
Im from legendbladers and I'm coming
Man, from no tournaments to one every month!
Sagittario-Fire and I will be there DaWRETCHED-one!
I need some redemption from my poor showing in East Lansing

AND SCRATCH THAT, shoot forgot the kids have a photoshoot that day... wont be able to make it after all
Im coming as well
And so is alex
Last person joining from Legendbladers
Hahaha we only live 30mins away
i brought some peoples they go by the lBladers
(Apr. 16, 2012  8:35 PM)LBladerNoah Wrote: Im from legendbladers and I'm coming

Oh the Legendary Bladers! I've never heard of that team. Well good now we have someone to test our skillz!

Team Legendary Bladers vs Team WRETCHED, mmm has a nice ring to it!

Well Hope you all can make it!
Im aj the leader of the legend bladers by the way. I forgot to tell you that.
Hey anybody from Grand Rapids/West Michigan area want to get together and maybe do a little tournament a week or two before the BeyDay tournament?
I notice a lot of the bladers are coming from the East side of the state where they've been in tournaments. There are a few new bladers signed up for the BeyDay at the Zoo that I'm not sure where you're from. I would love to give you guys a warm up so you know what to expect, seeing it will most likely be double elimination which going 2 and out isn't the most fun. Even ask last Tournament host DaWRETCHED, competition can be stiff! (Almost happened to me as well)
This would be for mainly West Michigan bladers, but if anybody was willing to make the trip for this would be welcomed.
Looking at either:
May 12 later in the day (that's a Saturday)
May 20 in the afternoon (that's the Sunday before BeyDays)

Well if anybody is interested I need 8 CONFIRMED participants to put this together.

Oh and I was successful in selling items at DaWRETCHED's Tournament, Thanks everybody.
If you have anything you'd like to request that you're looking for, let me know and I'll do my best to get it by then.

Oh and for those browsing the WBO and not a member, PLEASE PLEASE become a member and comment in here. Especially if you're going to attend a tournament. Once you attend you MUST be a member to compete anyways. Thank You!
do the 20th i have to go to my cousin's graduation on the 12th
Yeah but you're from Detroit right? Your parents or grandma isn't going to drive you over here twice, I'm trying to get these "browsers" from West Michigan out for a "pre" beyday tournament.
You want to come to BeyDays for sure! skip this if it's a choice of the two.
ok will go to bey days
Eh, BeyDays will be a lot more special than the other option ... I am not certain that you understand the situation, hah.
Kai-V is totally correct, read my post Yuko. this tournament there will be most likely NO prizes it's a WARM UP for the big day. Believe me BeyDay is going to be awesome and who ever wins will be stoked with what I have in store for them. ... I thought you said you would go to beydays until Kai-V posted....
ok im confused u know what just sighn me up for the important one then tell me the date
There should be a tournament in rochester hills. The Legend Bladerz are itching for battles
Moving this over here, makes more sense:

(May. 01, 2012  1:42 AM)legendbladers Wrote:
(Apr. 20, 2012  7:57 PM)DaWRETCHED-one Wrote: Now we need to know who is throwing another Tourney for June! hehe

Will it be StormPegasus645? RandomGuy? who??? LOL
We probably will have a tournament where we live in june because sadly I (LbladerAJ) will be moving to virginia to be closer to family.

Oh man that is a bummer for your friendships. but there is a bright side AJ. That area is LOADED with tournaments held by Dark Mousy. all around down there.
Ok and the Tournament, you guys set it up, as long as it's not the 1st 2 weekends we should be able to come for sure. And if you want us to run it we can, all you need is the location. being that close I'm quite positive DaWRETCHED's family wouldn't miss it either.
Parts of clips from Farmington Hills, Michigan Tournament.

Poison Kerbecs and Tempo the Great, PLEASE Email me your Email address at filemu@gmail.com so i can send your WBO account information.
Great Vid DaWRETCHED, sorry I don't know what happened with my camera seems like it was on when it was supposed to be off and vice versa! Guess I wasn't paying attention enough. All I got was feet and tables...