[London England UK Regents Park] 27/11/10 at 13:30! Tourny & Trades & PRIZES!

Poll: Which Park would you like the meet-up to be in?

Regent's Park
St.James Park
Total: 100% 9 vote(s)
Sorry guys, wont make it. School finishes at 2 pm and it would take an hour to get to london.
SATURDAY SCHOOL SUCKS... its just annoying... but sorry anyways
Team Taurus Retired
hey if there is someone with an earth eagle i will buy it
I'm sorry we haven't noticed this before, but you cannot charge for this tournament unless it is WBO-approved, and even then, it would have to follow the WBO Passport rules.
ControL_ Retired
I was just about to take away the charges to attract more people anyway Uncertain
Sorry for ze inconvenience!

Yah guys you should really come, since the demand for this meet up isn't high, the chance of winning a prize is high! Therefore COME!
Yes, it's going to have to be removed.
JJsonickid Retired
just to say i can definetly come and im not being rude but i WILL WIN!!!! and call me JJ
ControL_ Retired
JJ I won't let you win Smile Though your still gonna win, so me trying = useless Uncertain
JJsonickid Retired
i just bought a storm pegasis just for the rf and now i have a toptier combo (QUETZALCOATL CH120RF
ControL_ Retired
Dam, I reckon MF Earth Bull GB145RS can take it. Still can't tap my MF Gravity Perseus R145 RF/R^F
BladeStorm Retired
(Nov. 23, 2010  8:25 PM)TehKevin10 Wrote: There are many sheltering grand trees which block out rain very effectively, so since they are so clustered, there are hardly rain drops that penetrate the branches. If it does rain, we will just find one of these spots.

Phew, got that?

Its winter, I reckon those trees are deciduous. In short: there are no leaves to block out the rain.
ControL_ Retired
Yes your completely right, I went pass today on the way back from school, the leaves are there, just fewer of them than wanted.
BladeStorm Retired
I think you should try and find a sheltered location. Weather is going to be a major factor affecting attendance - I doubt people are gonna travel far to be cold and soaked if it rains/snows. Also, you could advertise who is bringing what stadiums and update the attendees list on the OP. Your extremely helpful guide on how to reach the location would be most helpful in the OP as well. The title of the thread should delete the bit about St. James's Park if possible. I really want this event to go well for you guys because you had the initiative to do it anyway, even if its not an official sanctioned event.
ControL_ Retired
Yes sorry I have asked aron multiple times to update the op but he shruggs it off Uncertain
The idea was to find the boating house as just a meeting area, and looking at the weather on the date, we will walk a short distance to another distance.
Yes Aron dislikes editing posts, I will make it as glamorous as possible, yes he has given me permission to take over his account.
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
- by Kevin (not ahmed rememz)
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
Well the weather forecast says it's gonna snow tommorow. THOSE WHO ARE BRAVE ENOUGH AND WITH ENOUGH BEY SPIRIT TO SURVIVE PLEAZ COME! PRIZES!
Yo Kevin come on MSN!
BladeStorm Retired
(Nov. 24, 2010  6:00 PM)aron101 Wrote: Well the weather forecast says it's gonna snow tommorow. THOSE WHO ARE BRAVE ENOUGH AND WITH ENOUGH BEY SPIRIT TO SURVIVE PLEAZ COME! PRIZES!
Yo Kevin come on MSN!

Lets hope it doesn't snow on Saturday. But we could find shelter at the bandstand (seen in Jingle All the Bey) - its only a short distance away from the boathouse café. Oh and someone should bring a blanket so our bottoms don't get worn from intense KOsPinching_eyes_2.
ControL_ Retired
Yah guys I reckon since it's still only November that the Snow won't propperly set. The weather forecast says it will snow tonight so lets just see. Also metoffice are always wrong when it comes to snow!


I will update OP
BladeStorm Retired
The change in time is most welcomed.
ControL_ Retired
OK time has been changed.

For insanely instant help, my MSN : lol_lastro@hotmail.co.uk
May let someone know my phone number if really needed.

Also I am now selling a TT Balance stadium is awesome use. It will be used for the tourny too ofcourse. I want to sell it for ~ £20 since intentionally bought for Moss at £27 from Ebay.
rentao Retired
put me as a maybe but I am like 90% coming
BladeStorm Retired

NIP Dark Wolf 145FS
NIP Storm
NIP Pegasis Clear Wheel
NIP Pegasis Face
Used Quetzalcoatl wheel (good offer needed)

Please offer a price via PM.
ControL_s SouL_ Retired
Hey dude BTW don't abuse NIP. I doubt opened pegasis parts can be factory sealed!
BladeStorm Retired
(Nov. 24, 2010  7:40 PM)aron101 Wrote: Hey dude BTW don't abuse NIP. I doubt opened pegasis parts can be factory sealed!

They are factory sealed in the same packet thats why. I didn't want to mislead anyone by saying NIP Storm Pegasis because they would think 105 RF is included.
ControL_ Retired
But if it's factory sealed why is there no RF and 105? They aren't made without them are they?