[London England UK Regents Park] 27/11/10 at 13:30! Tourny & Trades & PRIZES!

Poll: Which Park would you like the meet-up to be in?

Regent's Park
St.James Park
Total: 100% 9 vote(s)
(Nov. 24, 2010  7:47 PM)TehKevin10 Wrote: But if it's factory sealed why is there no RF and 105? They aren't made without them are they?

The come in a seperate packet. Please bear in mind its NIP and not NIB. I'll just show it to you on saturdayWink.
(Nov. 24, 2010  7:51 PM)TehKevin10 Wrote: :o new in package? How is that so? Which product is this lool?

BB-32 Hybrid Wheel Match Set
so are we all definetly meeting at st johns wood station because i have never been to regents park and i may get lost
No it wasn't definite at all. I said I would meet up with anyone that wanted to, so yah, if you want to, we can meet up at st johns wood station at around 12:45
PEOPLE! THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED THE OP! CHECK THERE FOR ALL DETAILS! and JJ it's not definate because some people already know where the boathouse is but others don't. Me and Kevin will be passing there so we'll probably see you there. And don't worry I'll recognise you. KEVIN GET YOUR carp ON MSN!
ok fine ill go then!

anyone selling a mfb attack staduim for about £10 15
(Nov. 21, 2010  11:15 PM)Soldier-F3AR Wrote: Selling:
Mint Iron Grey Beylauncher(Offer)
Mint Beypointer Only Ten Points (Offer)
will you be willing to get £10 for your bey pointer
(Nov. 24, 2010  7:37 PM)BladeStorm Wrote: Selling:

Used Quetzalcoatl wheel (good offer needed)

Please offer a price via PM.

I'll PM you in a moment about that wheel.
What is the equipment we are supposed get (other than the Beyblade)?
nothing, if you have a stadium bring it. Any source of device to help comunicate or a source of timing to make sure your there where and when.
cant wait for saturday
anyone selling a mfb attack staduim for about £10 15
[/quote]↲i wont be surprised he they go close to forty
[quote='ThePokeBlader' pid='434902' dateline='1290708926']
to be honest i might as well meet at the station because i will be getting there very early so anyone pm me if they want to meet
(Nov. 25, 2010  7:15 PM)ThePokeBlader Wrote: ok fine ill go then!

anyone selling a mfb attack staduim for about £10 15
↲i wont be surprised he they go close to forty
Kevin I've got great news! Come on MSN!
Cool guys.
The meet up is for anything beyblade related, such as trades, discussions on stuff like combos and the tourny ofcourse!
Everyone that wants to meet up earlier at a station or something, please let me know by here or my phone number : - 07946743503 -
Also weather update:
It will snow Smile
People who are brave enough should come!
Haha, Yeah what he said! ^
anyone willing to sell their launcher grip (sorry, I dont exactly know how it is called basicaly the thing that you can stick your beypointer and the angle compas to).
sorry akhy i can not come i thought it was a Saturday
sorry for the trouble