[dundee scotland] Eternal Warriors scotland divison

hey all you scotland beyblader how you like to join the Eternal Warriors scotland divison all you need to do is tell me these i will send it to the team leader




reason why you should be part of this team:
change the prefix to e.g [Aberdeen, Scotland, UK]
is there an english division?
well the leader lives in london other than that no
im near london
ok look for a topic name with (london crawford) in it and tell him the info
ty for that it made my job easier
umm i would like to join Grin
name:Rhys (rhysm9707) :L

bey:i have alot but mainly i use either Thermal Pegasus 100RF or Thunder Libra GB145WB

type:i dont understand.. :L

reason why you should be part of this team: i think i would be a good addition to the team because i have a large collection of beyblades so finding good combos wont be hard, and i live quite close (aberdeen) so i can particapate in alot of tourneys Grin

Thanks for taking this into consideration! Smile
hey im still waitin fora reply for whether im in or not..since then ive gotten a few new beys so yeah ive gotten better :L
sorry but summit entry on english version please and let them know your from scotland or whereever you live sorry also i am not on much so dont expect replies at all
by my previous note this is pretty much useless now this thread so ya