Legend Bey Testing

Just Picked up all the Legend Beys and will be putting up some tests. Will add more in the coming days for definitive comparisons. One major thing i did notice is the weight of the wheels. They seem to be very light compared to other wheels. I will be weighing them tomorrow at work.

Cyber = 30g
Midnight = 26g
Torch = 27g
Fury = 29g
Night = 28g

Just in case the plastics were made differently here are their weights also:
Pegasis= 3g
Bull= 3g
Aries= 2g
Capricorn= 2g
Virgo= 3g

Electronic scale for mailing was used. I had oz. also but they were not as accurate.

MidnightBull Tests:

MFMB 85r2f vs EarthBull 85WD
Earthbull launched first Midnight Slidshot
MidnightBull : 9 wins (KO)
EarthBull : 1 Win (OS)

MFMB 85r2f vs MF EarthbullR145CS
Earthbull launvhed first Midnight Slideshot
MidnightBull : 0 wins
EarthBull : 10 wins (OS)
It seems no matter what happened Midnight did not have the "oomph" or power to KO Earthbull

Torch Aries Tests

MF TorchBull85r2f vs MFEarthBullgb145RS
EarthBull launched first all the time
TorchBull : 0 wins
EarthBull : 10 wins OS
Like i said I dunno seems to lack the power as midnight suffered. I even launched my usual atk bey MF Perseus 85rf and it knocked Earthbull Easily.

More will be added in the coming days. Some quick vids of the testing not the whole testing but most of it up on my you tube channel.
Nice, I'll help out with midnight whenever mine arrives. I figured it'be be good, but can you test it against defense?
Its Midnight Earth not EarthBullLegend just a note
And You should try using this combo against a Defense Combo because a Attack combo easily beats a Stamina in most cases.
Should probably put a MF on Earth Bull.
MF Torch Bull 100 RF vs MF Earth bull GB145 RS
haha, betting this one battle will be insane considering it is a top tier defense combo.
What is an "EarthBullLegend" supposed to be ...
How is Midnight even close to Earth.

Beyblade names are beginning to sound weird out of concept ...
I'm guessing he just got confused with what was what. I doubt hes familiar with Pre-HWS Beyblades.

Anyway assumed That Midnight would perform like the Pre-HWS Bull did.
But I Don't remember Bull Having any use in Attack combos. Although I'm probably wrong since I can't barely remember.
Can you try Midnight at 145 height and85 height, against a 230 Combo. I would be interested in seeing this (especially with how 230 works for you and blue)

Maybe it is a different metal, remember these are HASBRO exclusive, all the other beys were made by Takara.
Sorry for being off topic but:Also, can you reply to my PM about the Libra Card plz
Well, I already stated that this may only do well against WB. But it still transcends all expectations.
well, the metal for metal fusion/fight is the same kind of material used for making metal models. Diecast metal if i remember correctly... but yeah, i think it's still the same material
It could be worse. It could have sucked.
Hmm, new results are a shame. Can you try MFH Midnight Bull R145RF vs MF(H) Earth Bull GB145CS/RSF/RS?
I already said it might suck against CS, RS, and RSF. The point is, it does not suck as bad as everyone assumed it would.
You already said it about 5 times lol :p I still want to see that tested. I didn't think it would be carp, as I've said.
It's not. I have seen 80-90% win rates off of WB. It also does well against stamina types, but it's supposed to do that.
ikmv your testing is very inconsitent in the sense that you never have a set control type Beyblade allocated in order for us to gauge the new parts effectiveness. When you tested Midnight you used Metal Face Earth Bull R145CS as your Defence Control Type while during your testing of Torch you used Metal Face Earth Bull GB145RS. Since you changed the control type Beyblade it makes reaching a definitive answer on the performance of Midnight and Torch rather difficult from your testing as there are quite a few variables through out your tests. Unless you include more testing of Midnight and Torch against a designated control then unfortunately it makes your test results invalid.
I was just showing friends who didnt have the parts how they were. My apologies. Will take them down. I was not out to prove if torch was better then midnight. Some people asked me to test some legend bey parts with other combinations not comparing it with each other.
There's no need to take down the results. You simply need to add results for either Midnight or Torch verse either Metal Face Earth Bull R145CS or Metal Face Earth Bull GB145RS in order to keep some sort of consistency within the test results. By doing that it'll allow other members to know which part is superior in terms of Attacking prowess and you'd have contributed to benefiting the WBO and Beyblade Meta Game in the process.
can you try both on different hights, some attack types do better on one hight more than the other