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Country: Registration Date: Oct. 21, 2010

Name: David Likes: beyblades, food, tennis, hanging out with my girlfriend and drawing. Dislikes: spiders, heights, crawly things, and mean people Beyblades: 1 Metal Face (heavy Only) gravity Perseus 100 R2F (R2f is dead) Vulcan Horuseus 100 RF (RF is dead) Libra GB145 RS Earth Bull 105 D Flame Ketos145 HF/S Aquario 105 HF Thermal Wolf 100 SF Rock Aquario T125 WD MIdnight Eagle 125 F Grand Pegasus (galaxy ver.) W105 SD Galaxy Wolf 105 SF Storm Virgo WD145 FS Dark Pegasus H145 ES (H145 is broken) Info: i do video tests and drawings. Feel free to PM me requests. =)

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Sky Prince hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.