Dan Has Joined WBO Staff

We are thrilled to announce that Dan has joined the WBO Staff team!

He will be focusing his efforts on various activities related to managing and publishing community or Organized Play announcements, updating rulebooks and other Organizer resources, as well as social media content.

His aim will be to help us more clearly and frequently communicate decisions made by staff. Until now, we did not have a specific staff member assigned to this area, so there were times when decisions were made behind-the-scenes but we had difficulty getting them out in a timely manner.

Dan has a deep history with the Beyblade community and a demonstrated strong writing and organizational ability, so we felt that he would be the best person suited for this role moving forward.

Everyone, please join us in welcoming him to the team!
new person to bother about events dropped 🗿 gj on staff!
W new staff member
Big W and Congrats to Dan!
Deserved ngl, gr8 user, congrats
Congrats Man! It was totally deserved! Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for the Comp Scene!
Awesome! Glad to have another person on the staff team
Great to have you on the team brother - and a long time coming. Who would have thought a decade ago that us troublemakers would end up on staff hey?

Huge role to have you in too, we've been asked for a long time for more regular and clear communication from staff and I am very glad to have someone dedicated to doing that - and I know you're exactly the person for the job.
Big congrats Dan!
Congrats Dan!
Congratulations on getting the position Dan! Welcome aboard!
congrats on the staff rank
Congrats Dan!
Been a long time coming, eh Dan? Congrats you chump. :]
Congratulation, Dan! Good Luck!