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Country: United States Registration Date: Nov. 06, 2021

(im the creator of the yeet launch,basicly rush launch on steroids) Hi :D, im justin i am 13 and I love Beyblades, sushi of course and memes, , I got into beyblade when in 4th grade won a bet with my friend (i won Hyrus h2), i thought "what is the use of this if i dont get more?" <<3 MONTHS LATER>> Me and my friends have been trading Beyblades, my friend ****** (i did not get his permission to say his name) was basically the supplier for the trades *gotta love rich people, am i right XD* <<2 YEARS LATER>> I got tt Beyblades nuf said. <<2 MORE YEARS LATEERR>> i make 3D printed beys and battle kids in my neighbor hood, trading beys and flexing my combos on children💀✋ My old accounts are and this bio was so cringe omg

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