Current [Long Island, New York] Tournament Thread

Hey everyone, what's up? It's KJ. I'm from Long Island, NY and I wanted to see if there were any other Bladers around me. If some of you who know me are actually from LI and told me too, I must've forgotten, oof. Sorry about that. Anyway, in addition to seeing if any of y'all LI Bladers could potentially host a tournament, it'd also be cool to just have meetups and test stuff, you know? Especially with the recent unbanning of Spriggan Requiem and Maximum Garuda. It'd also be great if some of us could test good Hasbro stuff against good TT stuff too! But yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing who pops in here as well as any suggestions y'all might have! Thanks and have a good one!
I should have some free time next week to take the Organizer Quiz. Anyone else who lives in Long Island as well, would you be cool with having a tournament at Eisenhower Park? Here's the address: 1899 Park Blvd, Westbury, NY 11590. Thanks and have a good one!
Also, forgot to add, if you do happen to live in Long Island as well, but maybe Eisenhower Park is a little far for you, let me know some parks or other convenient spaces to have a tournament that are near you. Or we could find an area that's not too bad of a distance for the people planning to attend, so we can basically meet in the middle. Also, right now, I only have one Takara Tomy Burst Beystadium, the B-33. I'm going to get a second tournament legal TT Burst Beystadium soon, but if I can't in time for any future tournaments I happen to organize, it'd be cool if anyone who plans to attend could bring theirs as well to help the tournament go by smoother. Thanks.
Alright, so far including myself, I've gathered 3 people (the others are @[LazerBeamz] and @[YishYash]). I need one more in order to have a Club Format tournament soon, which could be great at just starting the potential scene off, you know? So, if anyone else is interested, please let me know. Also, hit me up on Discord (kjrules2017#5344), I have a little chat group going on with anyone who's interested in the Long Island Burst scene. Thanks.
Hey, I just realized about this post and I was tagged. cool
Sorry I forgot about this because of school and all, but I’m still interested in this tournament!
I didn't you lived in Long Island lol. Well, I might be slightly interested
Hey everyone, I updated the title of the thread and I also am planning to host my first Classic tournament later this month.
(Jun. 01, 2019  7:58 AM)kjrules17 Wrote: Hey everyone, I updated the title of the thread and I also am planning to host my first Classic tournament later this month.

Nice, I'll be ready