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Hi everyone! Sharing a fun battle vs my grandmother lol!!! She kicked my butt! See how:
OLD SCHOOL THROWBACK! Dragoon V vs Driger V | Tyson vs Ray | Beyblade V-Force


New concept using a small ball while battling with beyblades.
Each player chooses his stadium corners and tries to score goals, in addition to the standards battle rules (last standing = 1 point, opponent exploded = 2 points. But the goals may create a nice surprise!!)
My kids made this video below!

Let's us know what you think and if you have more ideas to improve the concept!

Greetings from Ody and Adam (Beyblade Galaxia!)
WHAT IF Shu was the 1st one to use the Vanguard.Bullet combo? | Beyblade Burst

Here's an interesting combo I made while preparing for MrBlade's tournament, "Lookin' for Beys." It's meant to destabilize Left Spin Lord combos on Xt+ so that they either get knocked down too much to get back up or to simply KO them. DeceasedCrab, I think this might interest you as well since we were discussing it a bit at the tournament. Overall, this combo is a bit risky, but a few tweeks might make spell doom for Lord combos. I have an idea for the changes that was going to be my original Rγ combo, but the LAD that Xt+ gives was too good to pass up. I'll try to post the updated combo later this week on the East Coast Cosmos Channel to help promote it.
New video by UltimateMaster!
(11 hours ago)#Fafnir Wrote:
New video by UltimateMaster!

I really hope marutti won’t mind. I was gonna wait but I got so excited for the bey lol. I’ll be happy to remove it if he wants.