Beyblade Videos

Made a bunch of videos for a bey
tournament here's the 1st battle enjoy

Testin new video setup tell me what you think

Beyblade Cho-Z battle
Pharaoh King Ultraus Vs 3 Cho-Z beyblades

(Jan. 14, 2019  8:22 PM)Beyblade Beyond Wrote: 2 of the Big Five battle it out in the stadium!

That was a great video Beyblade Beyond!
Valkyrie blazes through the flames of the phoenix once more, but can it surpass them?


(Yesterday  11:19 PM)abidjkhan7 Wrote:

How do you post a pic or video
You can post a video by editing you post after posting it by clicking the pencil icon under your post and choosing full edit. Then tap the video icon next to the smiley face button. Choose YouTube as your video type then paste your url in
(Yesterday  11:19 PM)abidjkhan7 Wrote: [video=youtube]http://[/video]

Nice job! I think you almost did it, just make sure you delete the http//: that is already in the video link section. If the video has 2 http// in it it won’t let us see it properly. So just delete everything in the link section before pasting your url there