Beyblade Collection

(Apr. 09, 2019  4:21 PM)Zard Wrote: Hi guys,

This is my collection.

P.s. It isn't like yours but I hope that you'll like it.
Now I'm starting to collect also something about the new series.

(there is not everything for reasons of space)

That's an insane collection you got there.
I guess it's time I posted 50 beys to get that Rose Gold Face.

-If I do not mention the Track/Bottom combination, it uses the standard/uncustomized Track (e.g Gravity Perseus used AD145WD). If coloration is also not mentioned, then it uses the standard/uncustomized color too.
-I'm not that knowledgeable with which parts come from which releases in the Zero-G era, hence my usage of coloration and not release name/number.
-Pictures are a bit unclear, but gimme a break- my only photographic instrument is a smartphone, which is quite old (albeit still toughly going on, without much of an issue in performance).

As you can see, I name-dropped a few releases in this collection post, so I actually have more than 50 beys I can make. However, I can't be bothered to build them all (not to mention having to take them apart again and store them in my tack-boxes. A (rather bad Pinching_eyes_2) "whole thing" pic is in the spoilers below.
And mind the MLP bedsheet, I'm a brony too  Pinching_eyes_2
My little collection:

- Dragoon G (Takara)
- Gigars (Takara)
- Burning Kerberous black edition (Takara)
- Gaia Dragoon MS (Takara)
- Draciel MS (Takara)
- Dranzer GT (Takara)
- Dranzer MS (SonoKong)
- Dranzer G (SonoKong)
- Dranzer V (SonoKong)
- Draciel V (Hasbro)

And also a Zeus and a Dranzer F but unfortunately they are TT Hongli fake lol

Pretty small, but at least everything (except Draciel V) it's like new.
I wanted to post a bit of an update, plus a more all-encompassing, series of photos of my Beyblade collection. I got a huge set of Beyblades and Stadiums from Yahoo Auction Japan awhile back (cost me a ton, though, lol), which included some Beyblades and Stadiums I've always wanted since I was little. So glad I finally have them! My Collection of actual Beyblades isn't that large still, which I'll slowly improve that as time goes on (they are so expensive now!), but I've still got a lot of other merch and whatnot from the series.

Anyway, here's the image gallery, which I've added descriptions to:

You can always ask about anything in any of these pictures. Smile
Don't have any of my collection of Plastic Gen or Metal series beys anymore but I have a small humble collection of 31 Burst Beyblades (and about 7 fakes, not included)

(Jun. 04, 2019  12:06 PM)BreakerDS Wrote: Don't have any of my collection of Plastic Gen or Metal series beys anymore but I have a small humble collection of 31 Burst Beyblades (and about 7 fakes, not included)

Awesome collection! I like the case you are using, and have one that looks very similar. I have about 45 Burst beys but don’t have any good way to share a picture of them. Use your imagination I guess XD
I'm gonna have to post new pictures of my collection soon. I'm nearing 500 if I haven't passed it already.

EDIT: can't sleep, I work nights now and it's messing with my sleep schedule. I counted 497 lol. 99 MFB, 126 Hasbro Burst, 272 TT Burst (50 of which I'd consider rare, I have all Amaterios, Baldur, Orichalcum, all WHF beys, WBBA exclusives, etc.)
(Jun. 26, 2019  6:52 PM)4DFury Wrote: [Image: mmn0pzQ.jpg]
Finally completed the Hasbro Engine Gear Collection!

Oh, wow. O_O
That's quite an accomplishment!

*I edited the link so the image shows.
heres mine

[Image: avatar_164398.jpg?dateline=1586272408]

(Jun. 26, 2019  7:53 PM)OldSchool™ Wrote:
(Jun. 26, 2019  6:52 PM)4DFury Wrote: [Image: mmn0pzQ.jpg]
Finally completed the Hasbro Engine Gear Collection!

Oh, wow. O_O
That's quite an accomplishment!

*I edited the link so the image shows.

doesn't show on my screen

(Sep. 07, 2015  7:20 PM)Zoroaste Wrote: You have to sign in to your Google account to view them. So I haven't even gotten past that

oh okay but does any one see mine

(Oct. 10, 2007  12:55 AM)Kei Wrote: Show us a list of all the Beyblades you own currently!

Here is what I have right now (in HMS):

Strata Dragoon MS
Wolborg MS
Death Gargoyle MS
Advance Guardian
Advance Averazer
Advance Striker
Dark Leopard MS
Samurai Changer
Bearing Survivor
Phantom Fox MS

I would post all of my plastics, but for some reason my Beyblade Collection thread RANDOMLY DELETED ITSELF from BBF and I can't be bothered to make a new list right now.

my list
1 turbo spryzen 
2 ace/ rock dragon
3 air knight k5
4 drain fafnir"knock off"
5 solar sphinx
6 geist fafnir
7 rudr r4
8 galaxy zuetron
9 holy horusood h2
10 orichalcum
11 bushin ashindra(hasbro)
12 golden beast betromoth
13 unicrest
14 roktavor r2 blue recolor
15 minoboros m2
16 evipero
17 morrigna m4
[Image: 0?ui=2&ik=126971857d&attid=0.1&permmsgid...11f8928a61]My son has  6 (would have been 7 but he lost one).  How do I find out their names?  We've thrown out the packaging after I bought them for him.
I went pretty crazy.

B-117 Starter Revive Phoenix.10.Fr
B-129 Starter Cho-Z Achilles.00.Dm
B-131 Booster Dead Phoenix.0.At

B-140 07: Buster Xcalibur Zenith Absorb
B-150 Union Achilles Convert Xtend+ Retsu

B-156 01: Naked Spriggan Paradox Orbit Metal Ten
B-156 03: Dread Fafnir Paradox Revolve Metsu
B-156 04: Naked Longinus 0Turn Rise Sen
B-156 05: Poison Dragon 11 Volcanic' Zan
B-156 06: Heaven Joker Gravity Operate Go
B-156 07: Erase Bahamut 1'Star Zeta' Sou

B-158 01: Burn Phoenix Yell Wedge
B-158 02: Grand Dragon Aero'Lift Flugel Go
B-158 03: Rock Dragon 5 Jaggy' Sou
B-158 04: Poison Hydra 8'Angle Fusion' Gen
B-158 05: Knockout Odin 12 Operate' Ten
B-158 06: Bushin Ashura 13 Anchor Sen
B-158 07: Cho-Z Valkyrie 3 Guard
B-158 08: Shining Amaterios 0 Destroy'

B-162 Beyblade Superking Battle Set
B-00 Booster Union Diabolos.00E.Br

I also have a bunch of loose parts for competitions.
Made an Imgur album of my collection, I have 940 not counting stuff I’m selling.
(May. 04, 2020  5:36 AM)4DFury Wrote: Made an Imgur album of my collection, I have 940 not counting stuff I’m selling.

I'm in the same boat! Not quite in the 900 range, though.
From the Originla series the only beysbI have are
Dragoon F
Dranzer S
Strorm Pegasus
Lightning L-Drago
Counter Leone
Flame Sagittario
Big Bang Pegasus
Gravity Perseus
Variares DGrin
Phantom Orion
Jade Jupiter
Blitz Striker
Diablo Nemesis
Earth Eagle( Wbba excluisve)
Burn Fireblaze
Earth Virgo
Galaxy Pegasus
L-Drago Destructor
Firefuse Darkhelm
Storm Aquario
Wol Blaze
Burn Wolf
Counter Scorpio
Dark Bull
For The Burst Saga
Phantom Phantazus P2
Lost Luinor
Victory Valtryek
Storm Spryzen
Legend Spryzen
Roktavor R3
All turbo beys starter pack
Ace Dragon
Slash Valkyrie
Union Achilles
Prime Apocalypse
Bigbang Apocalypse
Venom Diabolos
Erase Diabolos
Imperial Dragon
Tact Longinus
Judgement valkyrie
Master Diabolos
Slash Dragon
Cosmo Valkyrie
Union Diabolos
Lord Spriggan
Dread Bahamut
My collection is restarted after I lost almost all of them

But I do have...
Dread hades (hasbro)
Dread Hades(TT)
Z Achillies w/ Xtend Plus
Giest Fafnir (TT) without set
And finally...
Union Achilles (TT)
So a rough estimate of my collection, excluding spare copies, are:

Generation 1:
  • #27 Starter: Beyblade Dranzer Auto Change Balancer
  • #32 Starter: Beyblade Draciel Metal Ball Defenser
  • #34 Starter: Beyblade Dragoon Storm
  • #35 Starter: Beyblade Driger Slash
  • #40 Starter: Beyblade Metal Draciel
  • #42: Catapult Grip
  • A-1 Starter: Beyblade Dragoon Storm
  • A-2 Starter: Beyblade Dranzer Spiral
  • A-3 Starter: Beyblade Galeon
  • A-9 Booster: Beyblade Galzzly
  • A-10 Booster: Beyblade Galman
  • A-11 Booster: Beyblade Wolborg
  • A-12 Booster: Beyblade Seaborg
  • A-14 Starter: Beyblade Draciel Shield
  • A-15 Sniper Grip
  • A-17 Starter: Beyblade Trygle
  • A-18 Booster: Beyblade Trypio
  • A-19 Dragoon Shooter DX
  • A-20 Driger Shooter DX
  • A-24 Starter: Beyblade Driger Fang
  • A-25 Starter: Beyblade Dragoon Fantom
  • A-27 Starter: Beyblade Dranzer Flame
  • A-28 Booster: Beyblade Griffolyon
  • A-31 Booster: Beyblade Master Dragoon
  • A-32 Booster: Beyblade Master Dranzer
  • A-33 Booster: Beyblade Master Draciel
  • A-34 Booster: Beyblade Salamalyon
  • A-35 Starter: Beyblade Draciel Fortress
  • A-36 Starter: Beyblade Wyborg
  • A-37 Booster: Beyblade Master Driger
  • A-39 Booster: Beyblade Wolborg 2
  • A-40 Booster: Beyblade Seaborg 2
  • A-41 Starter: Beyblade Dragoon Victory
  • A-42 Booster: Beyblade Metal Dranzer
  • A-47 Booster: Beyblade Flash Leopard
  • A-53 Starter: Beyblade Driger Vulcan
  • A-54 Starter: Beyblade Flash Leopard 2
  • A-56 Starter: Beyblade Dranzer Volcano
  • A-64 Booster: Beyblade Cyber Dragoon
  • A-65 Metal Trigger
  • A-67 Starter: Beyblade Draciel Viper
  • A-68 Sniper Scope
  • A-69 Starter: Beyblade Dragoon Victory 2
  • A-75 Booster: Beyblade Driger Vulcan 2
  • A-76 Bey Ultimate Shooter (Blue)
  • A-77 Booster: Beyblade Voltaic Ape
  • A-78 Booster: Beyblade Gaia Dragoon Vast
  • A-79 Metal Grip
  • A-81 Booster: Beyblade Dranzer Volcano 2
  • A-83 EZ Shooter Spring Custom
  • A-85 Booster: Beyblade Draciel Viper 2
  • A-89 Starter: Beyblade Dragoon Galaxy
  • A-90 Customize Grip (Off-White)
  • A-91 Customize Grip (Gun Metallic)
  • A-92 Rubber Grip (Light Blue)
  • A-94 Booster: Beyblade Driger Gatling
  • A-95 Booster: Beyblade Metal Driger
  • A-97 Customize Grip (Sky Blue)
  • A-98 Booster: Beyblade Rock Bison
  • A-99 Starter: Beyblade Dranzer Gigs
  • A-100 Booster: Beyblade Wolborg 4
  • A-101 G-Revolution Spring Support (Black)
  • A-102 G-Revolution Trigger Grip (Sky Blue)
  • A-104 Booster: Beyblade Draciel Gravity
  • A-105 Customize Grip (Green)
  • A-112 Starter: Beyblade Dragoon Galaxy Turbo
  • A-117 Booster: Beyblade Dranzer Gigs Turbo
  • A-118 Spring Winder & EZ Shooter
  • A-119 EZ Shooter Power Custom
  • A-121 Right Engine Gear Customize Version
  • A-123 Starter: Beyblade Gaia Dragoon Metal Spike
  • A-124 Starter: Beyblade Driger Metal Slash
  • A-125 Starter: Beyblade Draciel Metal Shield
  • A-126 Starter: Beyblade Dragoon Metal Storm
  • A-127 Booster: Beyblade Gigars
  • A-129 Booster: Beyblade Zeus
  • A-130 HMS Twin Battle Bey Double Shooter Set
  • A-131 Booster: Beyblade Dranzer Metal Spiral
  • A-132 HMS Customize Grip
  • A-133 HMS Rubber Grip (Blue)
  • A-134 HMS Dual Shooter (String Version)
  • MA-01 Starter: Beyblade Dragoon Metal Storm Ultimate Version
  • MA-02 HMS Double Shooter
  • MA-04 Booster: Beyblade Death Gargoyle Metal Scream
  • MA-08 Booster: Beyblade Wolborg Metal Survive
  • MA-09 Starter: Beyblade Advance Averazer
  • MA-10 HMS Custom Try Set
  • MA-11 Starter: Beyblade Advance Guardian
  • MA-12 Starter: Beyblade Advance Striker
  • MA-14 Starter: Beyblade Advance Eterner
  • MA-15 Booster: Beyblade Phantom Fox Metal Shadow
  • MA-16 Booster: Beyblade Dark Leopard Metal Sweeper
  • MA-18 Starter: Beyblade Magical Ape Metal Skill
  • MA-19 Starter: Beyblade Round Shell Metal Snipe
  • MA-20 Booster: Beyblade Samurai Changer Metal Sword
  • MA-21 Starter: Beyblade Aero Knight Metal Sky
  • MA-22 Booster: Beyblade Jiraiya Metal Spirits
  • MA-23 Starter: Beyblade Bloody Devil Metal Satan
  • MA-24 Starter: Beyblade Shining God Metal Sun
  • HMS Random Booster Act 1 Prize: Beyblade Thunder Dragon
  • HMS Random Booster Act 2 Prize: Beyblade Sea Dragon
  • HMS Random Booster Act 3 Prize: Beyblade Dragoon Metal Fantom
  • HMS Random Booster Act 4 Prize: Beyblade Dranzer Metal Flame
  • Beyblade Limited Edition 2004: Beyblade Einstein Metal Spring
  • Beyblade Limited Edition 2005: Beyblade Slash Liger Metal Scratch
Lol I only have Ogre 04 and Lightning-x istros I4
Well here goes 
Never mind it decided not to work

Big Bang Pegasus
Phantom Orion


Roktavor R4
Turbo achilles recolor
turbo achilles
ashindra a5
forneus f4]
fafnir f4 recolor
xcalius x4
erase devolos
spryzen s4
mirage fafnir
astro a5
glyph dragon
air knight
air knight recolor
dread phomeix recolor
valtryek v4 recolor
joker j5
dusk balkesh


cross collision
championship clash stadium
Dranzer s,v,g
Dragoon g
Draciel g
Gaia dragoon ms
Draciel ms
(I have a lot more but I'm lazy and for mfb too I'm lazy to list him all)
Union Achilles (might trade for Cho-z Spriggan)
Turbo Spryzen (layer only)
Mirage Fafnir
Genesis Valtryek

Phantom Orion
Jade Jupiter (missing metal balls)
Scythe Cronus (with Wide Defense)
So I've been playing and collecting Beyblade for around 8 years now and this is what my collection has turned out to be so far;


Ps: gimme that Collection badge lol
There is already a thread for this subject right here:

You might want to change the topic other than that it sure is a impressive collection.
Jupiter's right. I'll be merging this thread into that one.