Beyblade Collection

FafnirF3 8 Nothing
Thats the only one i own
(Sep. 09, 2018  9:52 AM)GoldenBoy Free Wrote: FafnirF3 8 Nothing
Thats the only one i own

Nice collection ( Your bey ALONE can defeat my WHOLE collection !!!! )
My collection just broke 300. I posted an imgur link back when it was eligible for a rose platinum face, but nobody ever noticed it lol.

EDIT: I guess someone did see it, I didn't even know so had a rose platinum already, hahah. I'll have to post new pictures when I feel like it
Are faces still being given out for collections?
Some pics of mini collections I've been trying to complete...
My Dragoon MS collection and finally my first MSUV. Chuffed I found the alternative stickers on ZenMarket.[Image: 44493029865_9b2d79c32e.jpg]Dragoon MS and Dragoon MSUV by beans_by_toast, on Flickr
Finally got my last God chip...
[Image: 45357151712_ca5da94b1c_z.jpg]Untitled by beans_by_toast, on Flickr
...and I hope that's all of the Burst Drigers
[Image: 45357152022_ed8dcbc9e5_z.jpg]Untitled by beans_by_toast, on Flickr
It's been a while since I last posted here on WBO.


So, I got a new Beyblade today, and it's the Rip Fire version of Wyvron W2 from Beyblade Burst Evolution.
Are faces still being given out for collections?
Here is my collection, nearly got everything I want for plastics so going to go to HMS next, still looking out for a thunder pegasus and death driger purple if anyone has any leads!

[Image: 8unXWID] (link if inline thing doesnt work)
Here is my list

Beyblade Collection

Beyblade 2002 ( ベイブレード )
* Driger S Black burst Takara
* Driger S Takara
* Dranzer S Burst Takara
* Dragoon S Burst Takara
* Draciel S Burst Takara
* Dranzer F Burst Takara
* Dragoon F Burst Takara
* Wolborg Burst Takara
* Black Dranzer F Takara
* Spin Dragoon
* Wing Attacker
* Wing Defencer
* Ultimate Frostic Dranzer
* Dragoon Grip Attacker Hasbro
* Dranzer Auto Change Balancer
* Draciel Metal Ball Defencer
* Bakushin Oh
* Dragoon Bearing Stinger
* Trypio Takara
* Trygle
* Galeon Attacker
* Galeon Attacker Pink ver
* Galman
* Gallux (Pink reskin of Galeon by Dio)
* Galzzy
* Dragoon S Gunmetal Broken
* Dranzer S
* Dragoon S
* Draciel S
* Driger S (x3)
* Seaborg
* Wolborg
* Zinrai
* Griffolyon Blue
* Griffolyon Purple
* Metal Dranzer Yellow
* Metal Draciel
* Master Driger Purple
* Guardian Driger Gold
* Driger Jumping Base
* Bistool (x2)
* Driger F (x3)
* Driger F Black (x2)
* Dranzer F (x2)
* Dragoon F (x2)
* Draciel F
* Gaia Dragoon
* Gaia Dragoon Red
* Gaia Dragoon Yellow
* Ultimate Saizo/Spark knight/Polta
* Bound Attacker
* Bound Defenser
* Wolborg 2
* Seaborg 2( x2)
* Geikryo-Oh!
* Bump King
* Roller Defencer
* Roller Attacker
* Sparkling Attacker
* Kid Dragoon/Master Dragoon
* Salamalyon
* Wyborg
* Shadow Driger

Kellogs Cereal Spinners
* Red
* Green
* Purple
* Brown
* Orange
* Blue
* Grey
* Light Green

Beyblade V-Force ( ベイブレード )
* Dragoon V (x2)
* Metal Dranzer Yellow
* Guardian Driger
* Dranzer V Red Ver
* Gabriel (White Random Booster F)
* Draciel V
* Driger V2
* Dark Dragoon
* Dark Driger
* Voltaic Ape 2
* Gaia Dragoon V
* Dranzer V2
* Burning Kerberous
* Draciel V2
* Dragoon V2
* Dragoon V2 Red Ver
* Flash Leopard Blue Ver
* Ariel/Wolborg 3
* Uriel 2
* Driger V
* Flash Leopard 2
* Gaia Dragoon V
* Dragoon V2 RC Red Ver
* Draciel V2 RC
* Flash Leopard 2 Silver Ver
* Blizzard Orthros
* Cyber Dragoon
* Cyber Dragoon Battle Spec

Beyblade Engine Gear (ベイブレード)
* Dragoon G
* Dragoon G Blue Ver Hasbro Recolour
* Driger G
* Metal Driger
* Knight Driger
* Trygator
* Galeon 2
* Trygle 2
* Rock Bison
* Dranzer G Hasbro Sparkly Red Ver
* Wolborg 4
* Dessert Sphinxer
* Draciel G
* Gaia Dragoon G
* Torch Pegasus
* Dragoon GT (x2)
* Dragoon GT Alternate Sticker Sheet
* Dranzer GT (x2)
* Gigars
* Zeus
* Apollon
* Venus (Golden recolour)
* Poseidon
* White Gabriel G
* Apollon G
* Venusian G
* Ocean Wrath G
* Pierce Hedgehog (Dio)
* Capricorn strike G
* Orthros G
* Trygle 2G
* Manta Diver
* Orca Diver
* Crab Diver
* Rushing Boar
* Killer Eagle
* Death Gargoyle

Beyblade Metal System
* Strata Dragoon MS
* Driger MS
* Dragoon MS
* Dranzer MS (Sonokong)
* Spark Dragon/Thunder Serpent
* Dragoon MF (Blue)
* Dranzer MF (Orange)

Metal Fight Beyblade
* Rock Escaplio
* Storm Pegasus
* Cyber Pegasus
* Flame Byxis
* Ray Gill
* Burn Phoenix
* Basalt Horologium
* Dark Cancer
* Screw Capricorn
* Dark Bull
* Scythe Kronos
* Fury Capricorn
* Killer Geminos
* Torch Aries
* Rock Leone
* Hell Kerbecs
* VariAres
* Flame Sagittario
* Galaxy Pegasus
* Thermal Pices
* Lightning L Drago
* Hyper Aquario
* Grand Cetus
* Dark Wolf
* Cyber Pegasus
* Earth Virgo
* Earth Eagle
* Cyber Pegasus (Red)
* Storn Pegasus
* Storm Aquario
* Poison Serpant
* Ray Unicorno
* Rock Orso
* Gravity Perseus
* Blitz Unicorno
* Nightmare Rex
* Basalt Horologium
* Meteo L Drago
* Tornado Herculeo

I have dark draciel, dark dranzer, venus purple and thunder pegasus (NIP) coming in the mail and waiting on a dark gaia dragoon deal.

I believe that is over 150 beyblades so could I get a face?
Did you take the photo hanging from your roof? Honestly, show us the Beyblade goods.
(Dec. 18, 2018  2:23 PM)KinkoUsagi Wrote: Did you take the photo hanging from your roof? Honestly, show us the Beyblade goods.

Haha it was nothing that majestic, I added a couple closer photos of the different generations to the album though

You were right about the thunder pegasus, I can't phathom a more expensive NIB to buy, cost more than I spent on all the bega blades combined

These are all I have left of my once 100+ Plastic/HMS, OG MFB collection. Still happy to have so many in good condition, especially the Master Draciel, Draciel S, and Dark Effigy MS, which have essentially never been used. I'm looking to expand my collection again with a bunch of the very early Plastic Gen Beyblades and some of the HMS and OG MFB, just for collection purposes. So, this is where I'm starting from.
I have 4 plastic Wolborg 2 Drigger V Metal Drigger Dranzer F, Metal series Gravity Destroyer, Ray striker, Storm pegasus, Cyber Pegasus, And that’s all
Nothing too fancy here. Just wanted to post some pics I took tonight...

[Image: DSC-0222.jpg]
[Image: DSC-0224.jpg]
(Feb. 10, 2019  1:51 AM)Ultragunner Wrote: Nothing too fancy here. Just wanted to post some pics I took tonight...

[Image: DSC-0222.jpg]
[Image: DSC-0224.jpg]
Nothing too fancy!? Nice collection. :p
(Jul. 02, 2018  7:33 PM)KinkoUsagi Wrote: [Image: jfYZRul.jpg]
[Image: xWJ3hYM.jpg]
[Image: lNXuV75.jpg]
[Image: cx0QEwS.jpg]
[Image: lJS2MKF.jpg]
[Image: 538IMG6.jpg]
[Image: 55PI2rE.jpg]
[Image: mLUPW1Z.jpg]

I own more (Metal Fusion/4D, extra parts, lots more Beyblade Burst Dual/Single layers)

My favourites are definitely my 3 Poseidons and Ocean Wrath G!!

Did you add an engine gear to your gallon 2 ??