Beyblade Collection

he means every single chrome wheel ever released IIRC Gladiator Graudus hasn't been released yet...
I was just pointing it out..... and it is gaurudas or garudas not graudusTired anyways I started my plastics collection woohoo!!
(Oct. 28, 2013  2:16 PM)DRAGON KING Wrote: Wow that's an amazing collection SmileSmileSmileSmile

Thanks Stupid will keep collecting more original blades, grips and stuff XD
Metal dranzer
Sparkling attacker
Griffolyon (custom paint)
Draciel s (custom paint)
Burning Cerberus
Cerberus combo (flat base)
Cerberus parts
Driger f
Driger s
Dranzer s
Dranzer f (red)
Dranzer f (custom paint)
Dranzer v2
Dranzer v2 (custom paint)
Rc Draciel (m driger ar)
Driger g (custom paint)
Flash leopard 2
Orca diver (custom paint)
Draciel f
Draciel mbd
Wolborg 2
Master dranzer
2 rc driger bases
Vortex ape (custom paint)
Gigars(Custom paint)
My combo (galman ar,circle wide,Zeus bottom)
Dragoon f (custom paint)
Dragoon v2 (custom paint)
Dragoon v2 rc
Wolborg (custom paint)
Dragoon g (custom paint)
Dark dragoon
Dragoon v (silver)
Dragoon f (neo crystal version)
Spike lizard (x2)
Dragoon gt (custom paint)
Torch Pegasus
Apollon g (mint hasbro)

Draciel ms (custom paint)
Driger ms (custom paint)
Driger ms (grey ar)
Gaia dragoon ms combo
Dranzer ms (x2)
Dragoon ms
Dragoon ms nib

Dragoon msuv ar (proto grey)
Dragoon msuv bottom (lime green)
Dragoon ms ar (custom painted)
Sea drake ms ar
Sea drake ms bit chip
Dragoon ms bit chip
Weight disk

Phantom Orion BGrin
Vari ares DGrin
Jade Cetus ed145b
Flame striker t125es
Fusion hades ad145wd
Sol blaze v145as
Variares DGrin (fake DGrin)(custom wheel)
Screw Pegasus lw105lrf
Burn Horogium 145wd
Rock Leone 145wb
Hades Susanow bd145ds
Dark Bull h145fwd( flat fusion hades)
Rock Zurafa r145wb
Lightning l drago 105f
Meteo L drago sw145sd
L drago Destroy sw145wf
Ray wolf gb145bs
Galaxy Pegasus w105r2f
Galaxy Pegasus w105r2f (green)
Grand bull 90cs
Gravity Perseus th170wd
Meteo l drago absorb df105lrf
Torch Aries 105cs
Blitz Capricorn 100rsf

Lightning L drago (red metal wheel)
Rock (red metal wheel)
Bakushin ( black)
2 x lrf

My collection
Extremely nice collection, love all of your plastics!

Give this guy a Rose Gold face, please Smile
I would be more jealous of the MS UV RC. Selling it? Eee
Omg that collection is one of the best recent collections posted here !!!!
Well its about time I posted my collection. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I qualify for a rose gold face. Smile
Note: The gold/black basalt horogium is legit, I dyed it black and it turned out that color.

MFB/Metal Fusion:
MFB Explosion/Metal Masters:
Zero G/Shogun Steel:
I counted 54, really nice collection, MBF1!

Give this guy a Rose Gold face too Wink
(Nov. 03, 2013  3:18 AM)LMAO Wrote: I counted 54, really nice collection, MBF1!

Give this guy a Rose Gold face too Wink

Thanks! I thought I counted 54 too so I guess I was correct.
Wow awesome collection, so many zero g's SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
@Thebeybladeruk- Thats a huge collection very nice!
@MFB1 Awesome man!
GermanBeyBlader i counted exact 50...wait part of your collection cool!
My Collection (Of Things I Actually Use)
NOTE: This Was From Around A Month In A Half Ago.
Wait. Am I Supposed To Get This? [Image: rosegoldface.png]
You don't have 50 beyblades in there and your name is not in the picture.
Thats the stuff he actually uses not everything
That's True! But I Thought There Were 2 Kinds Of Faces For Uploading A Photo. Am I Wrong?
There's the Rose Gold face, for 50 beyblades and the Rose Platinum Face for 150 beyblades.
Oh. Thanks Tri!
Newest picture of my full collection (Only blades, not boxes or other merchendise like cards ect)

U have an amazing collection!!!! All those drigers
(Nov. 17, 2013  4:18 AM)Olencia Wrote: Newest picture of my full collection (Only blades, not boxes or other merchendise like cards ect)

Wow, that defiantly tops my Plastic beyblade collection. I'm guessing you like Driger? lol. Nice collection though Smile
Olencia, your Driger collection is always awesome! Do you have collected them all or you miss some yet?