BBG-3/4 Zero-G Stadium Attack Type Discussion

This thread is about discussing the parts that will be tested on the BBG-3 and BBG-4 Zero-G attack stadium.Feel free to ask and do tests.The results will be posted on the OP.

Im going to use a new mark for these of tests cuz I dont think "KO" can describe it properly.I will call it ZA (Zero-G attack) cuz its meationed that way in the promotion video.Its simply flinging the opponent bey out of the stadium without making any contact .It will be the same even if the bey isnt making the stadium sway wins (when the bey that sways the stadium self destructs).Ill change it to KO if the way of winning is included as so.
I discovered that shape of the wheels dont matter much the overall weight does.This is simply because beys dont really make any contact and the one with more weight simply makes the lighter bey dance.BUT the metal wheels isnt the most important thing in this match up now.The important is the track and the bottom.I did MSF Ifraid Ifraid AD145CF vs Cloud Crown 230RS and Cloud Crown won(7 wins out of 10.2 KOs 3 OSs 2 ZAs). Basically tips with small space can stay near the center even if the stadium is swaying like crazy.Though they suffer against beys with wide tips cuz they cant keep balance and eventually they get OSed.However the wide tips are vulnurable against attack types that sways the stadium like crazy.What I want to say it that the effectiveness among the types are very VERY harsh.(you dont see Cloud Crown BD145RDF winning against MF-H Flash Sagittario S130RF do you?).

So the point is metal wheels dont matter much in Zero-G.The things under it does.Maybe I should post BBG-3 tests on the parts thread.

heres some sample tests to show the effectiveness among the types.

Attack tests:
Stamina tests:
Ill eventually break up to multiple threads for each parts
Ok.This should be fun.Smile So earlier when i posted about MFh DUO Aquario FConfused, i dont think i pointed out that i wanted it in stamina mode.So yeah.
This Zero-G thing is gonna be fun....
Speaking of Zero-G stadium Please Test CS tip
I think you need to change this thread's title to actually reflect what's inside of it..
Yea I thought of that too. What can be the title of it?
I'd guess that "BBG-03-04 Attack Type Stadium" would be fine.
(Apr. 04, 2012  5:49 AM)Galaxy4Stars Wrote: Speaking of Zero-G stadium Please Test CS tip

Done testing it.It might be a little... weird (bah its a new series) but here you go.

Combo utilized:
Ifraid Saramanda D125CS

I find that the 125 height works decent in the zero-G stadium.Barely no metal wheel floor scraps and not too high to get danced around.

VS defence combo
MSF Ifraid Saramanda D125CS VS MSF Ifraid Saramanda 230RS
MSF Ifraid Saramanda D125CS: 9 wins (1 KO 8 OSs)
MSF Ifraid Saramanda 230RS: 1 win (1 KO)
1 Draw
CS winrate: 90%

VS Stamina combo
MSF Ifraid Saramanda D125CS VS Phantom bull TH170SD
MSF Ifraid Saramanda D125CS: 7 wins (1 KO 6 ZAs)
Phantom bull TH170SD:3 wins (2 OSs 1 ZA)
CS winrate: 70%

MSF Ifraid Saramanda D125CS VS Phantom bull TH170MB
MSF Ifraid Saramanda D125CS: 2 wins (All KOs)
Phantom bull TH170MB:8 wins (1 KO 7 OSs)
CS winrate: 20%

VS Attack combo
MSF Ifraid Saramanda D125CS VS MSF Ifraid Saramanda AD145CF
MSF Ifraid Saramanda D125CS: 5 wins (3 OSs 2 ZAs)
MSF Ifraid Saramanda AD145CF: 5 wins (1 OSs 4 ZAs)

Guess CS is a decent balance type bottom for zero-G It stays in the center vs defence types and knocks the bey off balance so its areally effective against so.When facing stamina types It can sway the stadium and preform zero-G attacks fairly well vs SD type stamina combos.It struggles badly against MB types though.When facing attacks types Its really unpredictable though the CF combo has slightly better stadium control then CS but CS can outspin CF most of the time.
can we test MF-H Varieares F: S
Varieares changes mode due to vacuum from attack to defense.
F: S from HF to flat. Now in the new stadium S is defense so yeah that would make i worth a try in the new battle arena. But feel free to correct me if I am wrong. It would be nice to see what varieares has to offer in this new battle arena.
The attacking part will rock the arena while when the S kicks in it will also protect itself from what it was doing. F: s can prove to be useful for the first time.
I think we should revise almost all the parts, new and old, to find the new balance.
Variares doesn't have any defense though, it's appalling for anything but attack, and it's also not that heavy compared to newer releases so it's still not going to do anything defensively.

I mean, I can see perhaps diablo being good, but seriously guy, Variares? What are you even thinking?

Furthermore, it seems quite clear here that the new type of attack is based on making the stadium move, so CF like tips are going to be far more effective than a normal flat like F: S has.

I'd like to see Diablo's ultimate balance mode tested, as well as MF-H Diablo Kerbecs X: D in different modes, but yeah, jeez.
@ people who requested F: S tests..........
It failed (´・ω・`)
It couldnt even spin for 10 seconds LOL
Could someone do something like MF-H Duo Aquario BD145CS vs Flash Escolpio S130RF, just to see how different things turn out in this stadium that the attack stadium.
BD145 is dead in zero-G stadiums X_X No matter how high you raise it gets horrible floor scraps.
can someone try BD test in this stadium.
(Apr. 04, 2012  12:56 PM)username786 Wrote: can someone try BD test in this stadium.

B: D or BD145? Post clearly, and furthermore, provide reasons why you think things are worth testing, not just here but in general.
Can you test some attack combos using rubber bottoms? If flat tips like CF are doing so well, I want to see how well Rubber-designed tips (besides CS) do. Really just the main 3 - RF/R2F/LRF
Has anyone thought of stock BBP? Its fat, doesn't move, and the rubber gives some hardcore traction.
This is fun
I'm sure there will be Zero-G tournaments
can anyone try using more balance tips for this stadium, like SF or FS, it would be interesting to know if half the attack power helps keep it in this stadium while still having some effect with "ZG attacks".
Nice tests, those!
Quite decent win rates against SD; but should SD even be used on TH170? Just asking...
SD isn't particularly bad on tall tracks, so it's fine, but then again, this is a whole new stadium so we really don't know what works.
Well to be honest WD PD and D are horrible on the new stadium.So I utilized SD cuz it has a smaller diameter.high height tracks is to prevent metal wheel floor scraps when the offensive is triggering the zero-g attack.
I imagine CS and RDF self-KO a lot especially against Zero-G Attacks?
For some reason, I think otherwise.
From the description of CS given previously (by Brood), I think it holds its ground to perfection.
Self-KOs wouldn't really be self-KOs, but probably Zero G KOs, i.e. the wobbling of the stadium that throws it out.
But well... Its kinda speculation, you see...
Still, I do not expect it to self KO.
I don't know about RDF, though...
Should it get tilted, then it'd actually loose a lot of Stamina there, and a self-KO would happen only if it is too close to the exits, or probably directed out of the exit due to the wobbling of the stadium...
Oh, yeah, I missed that.

Curious then about RDF and B: D
(Apr. 04, 2012  10:16 AM)Brood Wrote: @ people who requested F: S tests..........
It failed (´・ω・`)
It couldnt even spin for 10 seconds LOL

Aw.....I thuaght there would be pitential.Oh well.