BBG-3/4 Zero-G Stadium Attack Type Discussion

Here are my test results, but I am only interested in the AS data, so if you want to reply to these tests in particular about AS, I would really appreciate if you posted in the Sol Blaze V145AS Beywiki draft topic instead.

Aɴɢʀʏ Fᴀᴄᴇ asked me to reproduce the following tests :

Gryph Phoenic E230CF vs. MF-H Duo Aquario TH170AS
Gryph Phoenic : 2 (OS)
Duo Aquario : 18 (OS, self-KO)
1 tie

Gryph Phoenic E230CF vs. MF-H Duo Aquario TH170MB
Gryph Phoenic : 4 (OS)
Duo Aquario : 16 (OS, self-KO)

And whatever, a comparison in the BeyStadium Attack Type :

(Oct. 30, 2012  11:12 PM)Aɴɢʀʏ Fᴀᴄᴇ Wrote: Zero-G Defense Bottom Comparatives

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I used BWD on my last zero-g tournament and it works a little more than WD but it depend on wich combos you used. I have MSF-H Genbull Dragooon SA165(normal)BWD I win all my match with but I lose one time against Duo _ SA165EWD. From my own experience I think EWD have a little more chance to LAD BWD with his free spinning bottom. so I think the performance list will go like this: EWD as first, BWD as second and WD as third.

I know it is a big controversy between BWD and EWD. but from what I see last time I'M sure EWD is a little more performant than BWD. it depend also of your combos, but in general it goes like this. I've already discuss a little about it with Kai-V at the tournament. May be she can said something else on that subject.
Oh yes, personally EWD is a god and I like it better than BWD, hah.
Those AS results are a lot different than the ones I got. I ended up with like a 0% win rate every time. :\

Maybe the free-spinning function on mine is messed up...
Can you take a photograph of how far up your AS bowl goes ?

Mine is from the red Sol Blaze by the way.
Hmmm, it is? Do you know which Sol Blaze release Angry Face got his from?

EDIT: Oh yah, and to stick my head in here, EWD definitely works worlds better than BWD for spin-steal (from some of my testing, I think WD may actually work better than BWD as well, but that's something I still have to confirm).
Thanks for those comparisons, Kai-V, your results were pretty consistent with mine.

(Oct. 06, 2014  4:29 AM)TheBlackDragon Wrote: Hmmm, it is? Do you know which Sol Blaze release Angry Face got his from?

I got my AS from a gold Sol Blaze. In your previous references to your negative experience with AS, though, were they based on trials under the same circumstances as the above tests (i.e. MF-H Duo Aquario TH170__ vs Gryph Phoenic E230CF) or just in general?

Two years later, with a better idea of what's good for Defense in the Zero-G Attack stadium, I think it might be a good idea to compare the Stamina of AS, MB, and TB all at once in some mirror tests on a top-tier Defense setup (Killerken Genbull E230[Boost/Upper] AS/MB/TB) and against Zero-G Attack (MSF(-L?) Balro Balro/Dragooon SA165[Zero-G Attack Mode] GCF). At least this might get us some definitive answers.

Somehow, this is the first I've seen of this conversation, so sorry for such a late response, you guys. xD