B-12 Starter Deathscyther Oval Accel

(Aug. 17, 2015  11:03 PM)Bey Brad Wrote:
(Aug. 17, 2015  11:02 PM)Dracieleone Wrote: I said Ragnaruk because it's the only survivor layer available. I just wanna see how well Oval does in a survivor combo.

The best Layer for Stamina is Deathscyther. I tried Deathscyther Oval Survive and it was awful. Spread and Heavy are better.

I guess what I should've said is that I wanted to know how well of a flywheel effect it has.
It does seem to deliver pretty good hits, because of its shape, relative to its weight. It can hit pretty hard. But not as hard as heavy, and less balanced than heavy. It is just too light. So it seems like it was a good idea in theory, but poorly executed. If they would have made it heavier, it might have actually been superior at something, but it is just too light. It is not a stamina disk at all either. It is worse than heavy and central as far as spin times go
I posted a review of Deathscyther on my blog: http://beybrad.tumblr.com/post/127009504...yther-oval
Nice Review Brad! do you think make it for Beywiki too?
Although this doesn't relate to deathsizer as stock, this demonstration of oval actually surprised me a bit:

From this, I can easily say that while heavy has more power, oval is more reliable for attack use because of:
-weight distribution allows for steadier blows to the opponent and if not, faster movement
- reduced risk of bursting because of weight (I remember an earlier image of drivers, i'll upload it to this if I can find it, but it did show that wing had a reduced risk of bursting compared to heavy) EDIT: HERE IT IS: - oval's shape also seems to be more useful at the beginning at the battle, while heavy seems to preform better more mid- battle.

I would have to disagree. With the tests I have done, heavy still seems to come out on top. Gram for gram oval is definitely better, but it is just too light. Maybe it is better in ragnaruk, but who uses ragnaruk for attack?
It would be more useful a testing of how each disk affects the burst mechanism? counting the winning rate in order to see the difference of each disk?
Yeah I have some oval tests that I did when I first got it. I don't think I ever ended up posting them. I will post them within the next couple days when I get the time
Hmph, noticed that skull...May consider actually getting a burst before hasbro develops one~

Should be wildly interesting.
(Aug. 27, 2015  8:26 PM)Zoroaste Wrote: Yeah I have some oval tests that I did when I first got it. I don't think I ever ended up posting them. I will post them within the next couple days when I get the time

Thank you! it will be nice to have a source where to compare :)
I've noticed that Ragnaruk need a certain Centrifugal force to prevent itself burst. Like Central "or spread". if Oval doing similar caracteristics it could be fine with Ragnaruk. Ragnaruk on Spread look like the test in the video with heavy, many D-BF but isn't effectiv enough to make a clear win. on the other hand combined with Central or Oval(in this video) it look easier to Ragnaruk to take advantage of Kerbeus. its something reliable with the parts Harmony. find the perfect harmony between each part and you will have a good customization resisting to burst and versatile hah.
Does Oval remind anyone else of Cygnus or Aquarios energy ring?
Bruh, remember when this WAS the meta?

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