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Yes, it is the tallest bottom to date.
Unless you count 4D bottoms, yes.
However, despite it's height, it's not that useful, due to it's other properties (HF mode has low grip, S mode sucks), generally something like CS or MF is better, as they're also relatively tall.
is BD145 the heaviest track and is it good for defense
Yes its is currently the Best defense track and can be used for attack in MF LLD BD145LRF and IIRC it is the heavy-est
I hate to ask this again, but... if BD145XF will scrape, what about BD145WF?
Just wanted to satisfy my curiosity.
can you get a face by posting a pic coz if you can i have already posted a picture in the photo gallery!
Yes ALOT of things scrape on BD145 the only things that don't are RF , LRF , R2F , CS , RS , RSF , MF and HF/S
if i missed something just correct me Smile
@bunnii2165 wrong thread but you have to have more then 50 beys
not really just take the base lighting L drago, it stats add up in battle, theblade as little stamina and it shows
but then agin u may right, since this rock wolf combo made dose make a decent goat blade( I mean it can take a beating and still keep going)
(May. 30, 2011  6:15 PM)quetzacoatl Wrote: I'll answer the first question!

MF is Metal Face while the other MF is Metal Flat,which is a performance tip

No the other kind of metal face like what is MF2 is it better? worse What?
Well in MF2 you can make MF-F , MF-M , MF-L and MF-H while normal metal faces cannont be changed a MF-H weights more then a MF but MF weights more then all the other MF2 variants MF2 would be better as it is more versatile but i would suggest getting 1 of each Tongue_out
Plusewolf. It's a fact, the stats aren't accurate, it's not something that you can actually argue. It'd be like saying "THE EARTH IS FLAT" or the like
Also, as I said, MS, WD, etc etc.
HF has better stamina than a lot of tips, actually.
And Rock and H145 are, according to their star ratings, good for defense and stamina, whereas both are in reality only good for attack, as they have huge recoil, and suck for the other two.

And Clonetos, Rusty is correct, best getting one of each (with the original you get two metal faces, with the MF-2 you get one MF-H and an MF-F (all plastic)), as they're used for different things.
(May. 31, 2011  12:03 PM)abid1655 Wrote: how to battle on wbo??????????

You don't battle on the WBO. You're probably looking for the Hasbro website. The battles that the WBO organises are the tournaments that are held all over the world.
(May. 31, 2011  12:03 PM)abid1655 Wrote: how to battle on wbo??????????

you don't battle on the wbo, you talk, organize and goto tournaments (in 'real life') no offence

Read that, and besides, in the PM you got from Kai-V it says that this place is for Questions regarding the Beyblade Hobby only.
(May. 31, 2011  12:03 PM)abid1655 Wrote: how to battle on wbo??????????

o my gawd how many people will ask this question?

you can't battle on the wbo you go to tournaments to earn beypoints
I bought a Ray Unicorno about 2 weeks ago, I barely used it...
But it doesn't attack, so what should I do?