Announcing Beyblade East: The Biggest MFB Weekend of the Burst Era

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One weekend.
Six tournaments.
The biggest MFB event of the Burst era.

It's my great privilege to announce the much-anticipated return of Beyblade East! Our 3-day tournament weekend will run from August 26th - 28th, exclusively at Mike Nightwing's Gaming Lounge in Forestville, MD.

The Events
Beyblade East 2022 Event Challonge

6pm: Day 0: HMS
8pm: Day 0: Burst Classic

11am: Day 1: MFB Limited

Side Event (2:30pm): World's Worst Beyblade Tournament (MFB Edition)
- Like any other MFB tournament, but there's a twist! Bladers present their opponent with their worst Metal Fight Beyblade combination for use during the round
- Light wheels and chrome wheels will be banned in this format
- The player who wins the most rounds is declared the winner with the Worst Beyblade (because the Beyblade they gave their opponent lost the most rounds!)
4pm: Day 1: MFB 4D Format
7pm: Day 1 wrap. Group dinner for all who wish to partake.

11am: Day 2: MFB Standard
Side Event: Beyblade Beauty Contest
- Add your most aesthetically pleasing Beyblade customization to the display box at the judge's table before 11am to enter the first ever Beyblade East Beauty Contest!
- Over the course of the tournament, participants will vote on the Beyblade with the most ~style~ - winners will be announced at 3pm!
- Custom paint jobs will be allowed!
Side Event (3pm): MFB Swap-A-Thon (Make Friends. Trade Beys. Need I say more?)  
4pm: Day 2: MFB Zero-G
7pm: Beyblade East 2022 overall top 3 finishers announced. Group dinner for all who wish to partake.

Some Rambling
As we were considering which formats to run for our first Beyblade East since the start of COVID, I found myself reflecting on the growth that we've seen as a community. Over the past 3 years, the Mid-Atlantic region has grown closer and more competitive across a wider range of formats. Today, many of the biggest champions of pre-Burst formats are our Burst newcomers themselves. This renewed excitement for our older systems has brought the passion and energy back into what has traditionally been a stale meta with many of the same small group of regulars and is the reason why—for the first time since the start of the Burst era—I'm excited to share that we will be running a weekend-long event with an exclusive focus on older releases, and primarily older systems. While we've seen our fair share of HMS & MFB veterans take a break from the hobby since our last major event, I hope this weekend can be an opportunity for MFB fans, both new and old, to come together over our shared passion for this fantastic system.

The Details
Beyblade East 2022 wouldn't be possible without the support of several incredible hosts and judges, including DeceasedCrab ICrazyEater Friedpasta & Yami 

And... a few extra special thank yous to the following MVPs...
Broyeeto for making the coolest tournament trophies
juncction for our incredible Beyblade East logo
ICrazyEater for taking the lead on t-shirt creation so we have something to remember this event by!

And speaking of t-shirts...
Whether you're attending Beyblade East, or just want to wear our cool swag, our request form is live and ready to start accepting submissions! Simply submit the form here before July 31st and ICrazyEater will be in contact as the tournament draws closer for pricing.

How can I help?
Whether you plan on attending Beyblade East, or just want to support the east coast MFB community, here are a few ways that you can get involved:
  • Bring BB-10 stadiums (we have a couple, but we'll need 4-6 in order to run our events smoothly and also encourage free play)
  • Bring spare Metal Fight Beyblades to sell (and post your stock in advance if possible!) With official Metal Fight Beyblades becoming harder and harder to obtain, a healthy secondhand market is critical to growing our community and encouraging newcomers.
  • Donate prizes! Currently, Beyblade East does not have prize support. Help us change this—any and all donations to the prize pool will be greatly appreciated!

Questions? Comments? Just want to board the hype train? Post away!
Dang, what a fun tournament to go to, I might just have to RSVP
Very excited to meet everyone!
Popping in to make a very important update! If you want a t-shirt, please submit your form NO LATER THAN July 31st so that ICrazyEater can get an exact headcount.

And finally, if you plan on attending one or more days of Beyblade East, feel free to shoot me a PM for a link to join the official event Discord. Cheers!
I'm worried about my ability to attend 6 tournaments in one weekend, running one of them. I'm really not as young as I used to be! They'll be MFB, so smaller tournaments than most, but I will still be plenty tired by the end of it. Could we do fewer tournaments next time around? 3 is plenty.
Couldn't be more amped to see so many new and familiar faces this weekend! I've updated the OP to reflect a couple side events on Saturday and Sunday, and a link to the Beyblade East 2022 event Challonge, where you will be able to access all of this weekend's tournament brackets as they're posted. Get hyped!
(Aug. 24, 2022  11:33 PM)The Supreme One Wrote: I've updated the OP to reflect a couple side events on Saturday and Sunday
"4pm: Day 1: MFB 4D Format
6:30pm: Day 1 wrap. Group dinner for all who wish to partake."
You're expecting me to run a 26 person 5 round swiss tournament in 2.5 hours! This is a cruelty! Objection! Please budget your time better!
So what we doing sunday
(Aug. 25, 2022  1:40 AM)Mr pokee Wrote: So what we doing sunday

It says in the post
Is the Beyblade Beauty Contest MFB only?
(Aug. 25, 2022  4:43 AM)RED NINJA 0829 Wrote: Is the Beyblade Beauty Contest MFB only?

MFB-only this time!
Almost time to beat all you up in hms and classic
I don't have time to properly write tournament reports for the first two tonight. I will likely write them tomorrow, if I remember enough of them. Surely I won't forget some of it.
[video=youtube]Beyblade East - 2022 Day 0[/video]
Wow, what a weekend. I just got home and I'm still riding on the high, but I'll post pictures of top 3 and possibly a few videos as soon as I can!

This weekend was hands down the worst I've ever done in ranked MFB tournaments—not once or twice, but 3 times. I lost matchups that I had quite literally tested and won against the same exact people, and I realized that perhaps I'm not quite as fond of ranked Zero-G as I thought I was (and also that I seriously overcommitted to P3C1). Even so, I can say with certainty that it was the most fun I've had at any weekend-long beyblade event, hands down. I'm so grateful for the many incredible people in this community who helped make the weekend a little bit better—from Angry Face donating WBBA prize parts for prizes, to Mike Nightwing secretly getting a cake to celebrate Geetster99 & Red Ninja's birthdays. Meeting so many new faces (Mcfaboy, Swift, Meow, & Time to name a few) and being able to spend time with folks outside of a tournament setting really was the icing on the cake. Despite running on several late nights testing and two 12 hour tournament days, I'm feeling even more energized than I did before this weekend Smile Thank you all for the role you played in making this weekend something truly special for the Mid-Atlantic Beyblade community.
I have completed the tournament reports, I'll add in stuff if I remember it later.
And I'm way too tired to do anything like that ever again. Smile