9th Anniversary: BeyLotto & WBO Memory Contest Results!

WBO IX Anniversary BeyLotto &
WBO Memory Contest Results

The results are finally in for our 9th Anniversary BeyLotto and WBO Memory Instagram Contest! Find out if you won below:

Physical Prize & Bit Booster Winners
9 lucky winners have earned themselves a sweet physical prize as well as a Bit Booster from the list below!

9th: B-101 Random Booster Vol. 9 Beat Kukulcan.7U.Hn

8th: B-101 Random Booster Vol. 9 Beat Kukulcan.7U.Hn

7th: B-101 Random Booster Vol. 9 Beat Kukulcan.7U.Hn

6th: B-101 Random Booster Vol. 9 Beat Kukulcan.7U.Hn

5th: B-97 Nightmare Longinus.Ds

[Image: WBO-Beyblade-Burst-Nightmare-Longinus-Ds.jpg]

4th: B-00 Amaterios.7M.X

[Image: WBO-Beyblade-Burst-Amaterios-7M-X.jpg]

3rd: B-100 Starter Spriggan Requiem.0.Zt

[Image: WBO-Beyblade-Burst-Spriggan-Requiem-0-Zt.jpg]

2nd: B-100 Starter Spriggan Requiem.0.Zt + BG-08 Random Layer Collection Vol. 8 Full Set
@[beyblader 5372]

[Image: WBO-Beyblade-Burst-Spriggan-Requiem-0-Zt.jpg]

[Image: IArnNPr.jpg]

1st: B-98 God Customize Set
@[The Supreme One]

[Image: WBO-Beyblade-Burst-God-Customize-Set-Dee...ahamut.jpg]

Bit Booster Winners
These 21 additional randomly-picked winners will receive their choice of the following huge list of Bit Boosters:

  • 10th - @[ultra destinus]
  • 11th - @[spitfirexi]
  • 12th - @[Ayane_2355]
  • 13th - @[Beyexpert_hamza]
  • 14th - @[Dynamite Blader]
  • 15th - @[DrainFafnirGuy]
  • 16th - @[BeybladeFanOff]
  • 17th - @[Cam77]
  • 18th - @[mj9]
  • 19th - @[Tahoor]
  • 20th - @[CloudMaan]
  • 21st - @[Mage]
  • 22nd - @[DECEPTICON]
  • 23rd - @[BAWB18]
  • 24th - @[Angry Face]
  • 25th - @[FIREFIRE CPB]
  • 26th - @[TL14]
  • 27th - @[APerson]
  • 28th - @[EmphaticYogi]
  • 29th - @[AZNpro]
  • 30th - @[Manicben]

#WBOMemories Instagram Contest Winners
After deliberating, our panel of judges from the WBO Committee has determined the winner for our #WBOMemories Instagram Contest! As thanks for the many great entries, we’ve also decided to give a Bit Booster to the three members who tied for second place!

Tied for 2nd: Bit Booster of Your Choice (Options Below)
@[Mage], @[FIREFIRE CPB], and JoJo [Jp0t]

1st: B-100 Starter Spriggan Requiem.0.Zt

[Image: WBO-Beyblade-Burst-Spriggan-Requiem-0-Zt.jpg]

Check out his winning entry below:

[Image: ySn6x5a.png]

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Bit Boosters Available for Winners

Anniversary Bit 2017
And finally, all winners, tournament participants, social media, and video contributors during the BeyLotto period will receive the commemorative Anniversary Bit 2017! This will be distributed within the next week or two.

[Image: oM4PwcC.png]

Winner Instructions
  • All Winners: Post your Bit Booster selection in this thread. Bit Boosters will be awarded after many or most of the winners have all posted here so that we can do most of them all at once.
  • Physical Prize Winners (Top 9 for BeyLotto, and #WBOMemories 1st Place): PM Kei your full name, address, and phone number and we will have the prize ordered and shipped to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!
Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it! I WON something! Yes! Congratulations to the rest of the winners! I will take the "Bit Booster" of VIVID, please!
Congratulations to winners of the lotto and the Instagram contest! Thank you for containing all your excitement while the results were being processed too!
I'll take bit booster Vivid and Ruby please :3
I can't believe that I won 2nd Place
Oh Wow, Thanks so much! I can't believe i won something! I'd like the Jet Booster please. Congrats to all the participants in the Beylotto!
Wow I am really happy that I won 3rd prize I am really excited and surprised
Woah, can't believe I won first place! Here's to many more anniversaries to come Smile I would like the bit booster Azurite please!
O well better luck to me next time
BeyCongrats to all winners! Haha awesome to hear (or read lol?) I will get another bit in my bit/Face collection!

BTW as I placed 2nd in Insta contest so will I get 2 bits (1 for lotto and other for Insta)?
Congrats to the winners and I rlly hope u make another beylotto soon
I will take the Bit Booster AZURE and congrats to all the winners
I would like the Ruby bit please.
can I have the crimson bit please.
Congratulations to all the winners!
Oh my God Valkyire! ^___^ You have no idea how happy I am. :D I still can't beleive that I've won. I recently had a surgery on my foot (I'm feeling better now) and this is the best thing I could have woken up to today. I feel really honored that my memory is featured on this site and I will always remember this day. The WBO always meant a lot to me but now it means even more to me. I'm sure the Spriggan will be in good hands and I will take a lot of care for it. I could cry right now out of happyness. I smile so much now that it almost hurts. lol. Thank you so much. This is the best day of my life! Congratulations to all winners and god bless the WBO. :)

PS: I would like to choose the face booster orange since orange is one of the main colors of the WBO as well as Libra's face. :)
(Feb. 24, 2018  11:34 AM)FIREFIRE CPB Wrote: BTW as I placed 2nd in Insta contest so will I get 2 bits (1 for lotto and other for Insta)?

That's right! You can post which two Bit Boosters you want.
Cool! ORANGE and BLUE BIT BOOSTER I want because those colours are part of WBO theme ;)
Congrats to all the lucky winners!
Better luck next time for me and the others who didn't win and congrats to the winners!!
Awesome sauce. I won something. If it's all well and good, Bit Booster BLUE looks nice. I would like that one please. And thank you.