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Full Version: Should old beys be re-incorperated into MFB?
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I would say there are useful parts in the corrupted and limited edition suggestions. Not particularly good wheels though.
lol im gonna post some customs i never posted. wolborg: hyper wolf d125ewd. galeon: midnight leone d125sf. killer eagle: killer eagle d125sf. galux: midnight lynx adi45s. galzly: evil orso wa130f. seaborg: evil ketos d124rs. wyborg: midnight serpent f:s. ariel: hyper aries sw145rf. gabriel: midnight capricorn wa130rf.
(Jul. 26, 2011  6:37 PM)Codeine Extorts Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah and I maintain that some parts from already existing Beyblades will likely (only) be used if Hasbro thinks we are special little snowflakes.

I said a left-spin version on my last post... New part, technically, and requires little work on Hasbro's part.
Am I the only one who thinks the whole "Recycled Parts Vs. Entirely New Parts" debate going on will get out of hand?

EDIT: Ninja'd

I do agree with left spinning versions. Heh.
I do too. Kill it now, or forever use Dark.
ahahahaha. whats worse dark or bump king??
Both of them are equally treacherous to their respective series.
ahahahahaha true XD
Bump King is trash. Dark has defense use. Nothing on Bump King has any use, so Dark is better.
oooohhh i see lol.
i think dark wolfs the bump king of mfb XD
L-Dark anyone?
why would you suggest such a travesty??? O.o
Here's another idea, the parts are not up for debate:

Lancer Makendo-Face Wolf 105F

Lancer is the shape of Cross Attacker, but with shorter and a tad stubby protrusions.


That's the only idea I could come up with today, lol
kool lol.
you could aslo use that for spin dragoon no??
(Jul. 26, 2011  6:54 PM)ReiKon02 Wrote: [ -> ]why would you suggest such a travesty??? O.o

for the stupidity of it.
hahahaha trolling XD
Hopper Attack W/ Pre-existing parts:

Silver-Painted Counter w/ green accents, Frog-Emblem-Face (Violet), Clear Violet Aries, Metallic/Pearl Silver M145 and pearl atomic green Q.

Okay some more shuffled parts:

Hyper Dragoon 100RF (Grip Attacker)

White Hyper, Dragoon Emblem white Wolf, white 100 and RF
omfg yyeesss hopper attack!!! XD
Q tip sucks, even for jumping. I'd rather hopper had a real jumping tip or wasn't made HWS at all.
Maybe there will be a hopping 4D bottom?

thatd be epic lol.
I would love to see a HWS Wolborg come out. that was my favorite original blade.
omfg yes!!! love wolborg! wolborg 2 was my 1st original bey!
I picked up the original Wolborg when it was new (from Hasbro atleast) and thoroughly enjoyed the whole angled launch thing. A HWS Wolborg would be nice but I don't know what you'd call the tip. Eternal Flat Ball?
i thought wolborg would use an ewd tip.
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