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Full Version: Should old beys be re-incorperated into MFB?
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If plastic series Beyblades were released for HWS/4DS, I would buy every single one without a second thought. Food? What's that? I WANT MY DRIGER BACK. Crying
(Jan. 03, 2012  3:59 AM)Shirish Shukla Wrote: [ -> ]I would love to see Galaxy Dragoon DF105RF Smile

DF105 an original part of yours or a typo?
im pretty sure DF105 has come with a couple beys specifically in the L-Drago reshuffle set but i could be mistaken
(Jan. 03, 2012  5:29 AM)LeonTempestXIII Wrote: [ -> ]
(Jan. 03, 2012  3:59 AM)Shirish Shukla Wrote: [ -> ]I would love to see Galaxy Dragoon DF105RF Smile

DF105 an original part of yours or a typo?

DF105 is an extra part which comes with the Ultimate DX Set.

Could have been named something else so that it's less confusing though, like "QW105" (Quad Wing).
DF105 is not new from BB-121 ...
(Jan. 03, 2012  6:45 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]DF105 is not new from BB-121 ...

I didn't know that, where was it released beforehand?
As ReiKon02 mentioned, it was released in BB-98 over a year ago.
Hell Xeronix 230SWD sounds like a beast idea right now....
Consolidation and minor updates:

Basic Five:

Corrupted Versions:

Other Beys:

Limited Editions:
Do YOU want beyblade G revolution back?
Are YOU in facebook
Well here is the page to like
You will never "get it back". G Revolution was a one-year season, just like 2002, and it is over.
In my opinion, budget should only be spent on the progress and evolution of beyblades as a whole.

Not to please nostalgia.
Evolution is an interesting word since people always use it to degrade the old in favor of the new, even tough that is not really how it works. Birds evolved, but they did not extinguished the reptiles.

The new MF beyblades have better customization features, and the use of more metal gives then better durability (the feature i like most), but their designs have further safety limitations than the older ones, exactly because of the metal of the fusion wheel, that can bounce and cause worse wounds than plastic.
At least i hope i'm not the only one who noticed that ALL the fusion wheels are way more round molded than attack rings, and most of the MF beyblades are either of defence type or stamina type.

In the other hand, the plastic beyblades had terrible durability, and less custumization capacity, but could be more freely designed. So if we just throw old beyblades away we lose their design as well as their unique behavior in battle. That's why when people start talking about old beyblades, they aren't being nostalgic, they are more likely grieving.

In overall, i don't think that the old beyblades should be remolded in the new system (either their design would get too dangerous in metal or it would be downgraded until the beyblade coudn't be recognized anymore), but it is a fact that the old parts shouldn't just disappear like they did. How hard can it be for Takara Tomy to set an e-commerce of parts that are made by demand or custom-made.
If this ever happens,they should make like some fail parts and call the HWS beyblade Bump King.
Bump King HWS would not be fail. That massive AR would become an insane metal wheel.
Admittedly, the 130SF would probably make it significantly less useful but still...
I think Zero-G's anonymous-bladers Screw Gil 125B is a true "HWS Bump King". Screw, balanced on a measly ball tip. Lol.
I don't think that Screw Gil 125B is Zero-G XD.
But, that would be very hilarious.
I don't think reincorporating old beys into Zero-G or MFB would really be that great. I wasn't around beyblade in Plastics and HMS, but I think that that would bring a lot of pandemonium to the beyblade series. Instead, what should really be done is there should be beys that remind us of HMS/Plastics. So, let's say a new bey called Bump Emperor --------, with a Stone Face/Face Bolt design that is reminiscent of Bump King.
I say it as anime anonymous persons context, though I will reword it and my apologies for being blindly irrelevant.
Do I have premission from the mods to make another thread identical to this one, but for Zero-G? Or should the discussion for both simply continue here? I only ask as I believe the poll would have a different result for Zero-G
Yes, Zero-G essentially follows the same part system as Hybrid Wheel System. I will just edit the title to "MFB" instead.
It's up. Thanks.

Hopefuly this thread will not fall into disuse too quickly. Everyone can feel free to post in both threads, as long as the posts differ
DRAGOON pwns and i want more [they are so cool]
Hmm... Zero G plastic remakes, that's certainly something to think about.
I would love to see a MFB style dragoon!
(Apr. 24, 2012  2:21 PM)BigBang98 Wrote: [ -> ]I would love to see a MFB style dragoon!

haha..L Drago Destroy really looks like a Dragoon to me..the decoration on the dragon head on L Drago Destroy really suit Dragoon..instead of metallic grey...make it white..hahah
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