worst day of your life

One Of The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Me Was When My Dad Died Of A Heat Attack Back in 2007 Unhappy
(Jul. 28, 2012  9:25 PM)zflare3 Wrote: When the girl i kinda like freinds found out I like her.
Now they annoy me about itTired
if I where u I would just say " yah I like the girl so what. " and then ask her out if you want to.

(Apr. 16, 2010  10:44 PM)Fullmoon Wrote: The day I forced myself to read twilight saga.
I feel bad for you. And I can't think of the WORST, but a pretty bad day is when my friends ditched me :C
lol the time i had my worst day i was happily playing my zelda game when my little cousin turns of the wii.........no saved data at ganondorf's castle....lol
The day I moved from New Jersey to Virginia. I still bitterly regret me allowing that.