let it rip or go shoot

Poll: let it rip or go shoot

let it rip
go shoot
Total: 100% 637 vote(s)
My friend says let it rip because the way he says go shoot sounds like the s word
3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP! Thats what i use

i like it becuase the beyblade rips and shoot is related to a gun and a gun has nothing to do with a bey

no offence
In Japan, launchers were originally called shooters
and i call them rippers

yes :] :] ;]
When I use mfb beys I say let it rip since I watched the eng dub over and over again. But in burst I say Go, Shoot! I don't really like Hasbro burst beys that much because they aren't anime accurate. Plus I'm learning Japanese so it helps me.
I say Let it Rip because I grew up with only Hasbro Beys and the English Dub. There was a short period of time that I started saying Go Shoot about a year ago, but that didn't last long because my earlier childhood influenced me too much. All in all, Let it Rip is of second nature to me.
I don't really yell much of anything, since I have so few opponents that I usually just wind up battling myself. Really it depends on what my opponent is more comfortable with.
To be honest (and this is sad), but I grew up as a Dub kid and went with “Let it Rip.” Honestly, Im fine with either but that depends on who Im going against
Anything Is Better than Chakkar de Takkar or Utha do Doofan (Sorry Shu Fans )
I prefer Go shoot as it sounds better and cooler
But i dont say anything when launching because I am mostly playing alone
ever since beyblade first came out in english ive always used "let it rip" it just sounds better to me but also just familiar to me since ive only watched beyblade in english
I grew up with Let It Rip, although I now use Go Shoot mostly.
Let it rip for Hasbro,
Go shoot for TakaraTomy
I am really surprised by the responses on this! I left beyblade for many years and now I come back and the community has shifted a lot Unhappy
I use "Let it Rip" from time to time because i watch the anime dubbed and it just sounds better to me. Most of the time i just launch in silence though.