let it rip or go shoot

Poll: let it rip or go shoot

let it rip
go shoot
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(Feb. 14, 2020  10:25 PM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: Sometimes when I'm feeling silly I'll count down using
"Gone Gone the form of man
Lisa Needs Braces
Dental Plan!"

But very few people seem to understand that one.

I've seen that Simpsons episode! Smile
I'm more comfortable saying let it rip, cause if you mumble it sounds like your cursing
I like to be inclusive so I say “1, 2, 3, Let it go shoot!”
Let it rip is the way to eternal life
I said Let it Shoot one time
Let it rip because go shoot doesn’t sound right to me but i grew up with the eng dub beyblade so i dunno.

Sometimes i say goooo MAGIKARP!