Your Rivals!

my rival is everyone in the wbo because after i defeat you all im going to be the best in the world
my biggest rival is ashton pinto but selled his flash,death to me but i have never won i single match against him
My rival is killerkitten we have been battling since beyblade first came out in England we mostly draw sometimes I win sometimes he wins.
My rivals would be kei and dark, I wanna build up the tension and at the end make a beybattle but with a twist. A stipulation.
My rival list is updated

.stormscorpio1 (Really strong and always beats me)
.Bazooka (The only time we battled was really close. He has a lot of skill)
*Billy* (Strong dude. Battle him once and I lost. I got nervous so 2 of the wins were from me not launching in the stadium)
Insomniac (I never battled him in an official battle, but what did have some cool free play ones)
Siliva (He's still working on the MFB meta, but he is really good at plastics)

Thats about it for now. I met most of the people for the first time on this list at Beyblade Colosseum
Rivals huh?

It started in school when I brought my new bey to school to show to my friend, it was Cyber Pegasis 100 HF. He brought Flame Sagittario and we asked the teacher to battle in the classroom at the end of the day until our bus is being called. People watched our battle, it was cool.
... nationsbeyblade.
Although we're on the same blading team , there's still some friendly rivalry .
The only rivals I've had were my brother and a friend named mark, during the Plastic generation that is. Currently, I have no rivals at the moment due to the fact I'm the only blader in town...
My rivals are my two friends Caleb and Matthew. We had some pretty tough and close battles with Caleb's Fang Leone ,Matthew's L-Drago Destructor ,and my Cosmic Pegasus. Its like every time we battle its a tie over and over and over again except for this one time I one on a close call when Pegasus ricochet off the edge of the stadium while leone and l-drago were in the same spot and Pegasus just jumped and knocked both of them outside the door. EPIC!!!!!
kyuubi bey definentally
my rivals waz forced apon me
dark aquario 55
My only rival is JJS. He may force the obvious on everyone,(Yea, J. I AM putting you on blast), but he's DEFINITELY one of the best bladers I've seen.
I think I'm my own rival. I'm always challenging myself and setting high standards. Also when I'm battling I barely have a challenge.Hopefully I will be entertained at one of these tournaments. :3

(I take some of what I said back. King E. Emperor is my rival. And he'll be crushed soon! Don't take it the wrong way bro!)
My only true rival now is probably TheBlackDragon. We've only had one official battle, but we did a few times before the tournament started. Hopefully someday we can battle again, it was fun! Kinda weird to say he's my rival when we've only met once and we live in different states XD.

My cousins TMNT Isaac is up there as well. Being only 5 at his first two tournaments and going 3-4 in both is pretty impressive. He's defintely grown seeing as he understands how different parts move and such. He's getting better with names to.
Scout25 is definitely my rival, all of our matches have been really close so far, and I believe he's won more, due to some stupid choices on my part (that's no excuse though, haha). I need to stop his streak of tournament wins.

Also, Snoop Dog MS is a rival of mine, and I finally beat him in the last tournament.
my friend and his twin brother he uses 3 dragon beys that are so hard to beat
like u think ur beating his bey at first then in the end his bey just turns it aroundArgh!Argh!
My rival is pretty obvious. POKEMO!!! I lost to him in a tournament match while he was using a friggin Gravity Perseus BGrin!!! Lol
Kaboom!!! has always been my rival, never stopped being mine. Of course I have people I wanna beat, but a victory against him is a true win.
Well most of my rivals are friends actually, and so my biggest rivals are Kei, JesseObre, Yuko Ray14, Leone19, ~Midnight~, and Pockyx3 haha.
My rivals are actaully soome of my friends that live on my street, and my wbo rival is, midnight
My rival is Ethan h and ocean
(Jul. 25, 2014  1:36 AM)Lion furry 7 Wrote: My rival is Ethan h and ocean

Mine are you and Ethan H. Pokemo is my rival to an extent.
my rivals are Ultimate Crown/Orion, Pegesus of Nj
(Jul. 25, 2014  12:50 AM)LMAO Wrote: Well most of my rivals are friends actually, and so my biggest rivals are Kei, JesseObre, Yuko Ray14, Leone19, Pockyx3, aaaand ~Midnight~ haha.

Just took the initiative to correct your post. Wink

ULTIMATE BLAZE Wrote:My rivals are actaully soome of my friends that live on my street, and my wbo rival is, midnight

Thanks! Didn't really expect to be anyones, haha.

Anyways, my rivals don't really consist of other awesome members of this forum like Echizen, DRANZER KING, Ryùzaki, and more, as I never really met them in person face to face, nor battled them. They'd mainly consist of members from Ontario, or in other words, members who regularly attend tournaments in Toronto. Those members consist of ...

LMAO, Mango, Kei, JesseObre, Pockyx3, Ultimate Blaze, Deimos, Wally.web, and Pyrus10000.