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Country: Registration Date: Jan. 20, 2013 Birthday: Jun. 29, 1999 (23 years old)

bey count:258 strongest bey:diablo kerbecs bd wb would like to battle:dark aquario 55 and anyone that is crazy enough to chalenge me additional facts:medium sized african american wierd facts about me:i talk proper when im scared or nervous BEWARE: IM UNDEFEATED EVERY WHERE I GO ON A REGULAR BASIS places im undefeated: school ,home (brothers) neiborhood personal battling acheivements:summer school champ 4 years running, school champ 4 years running,neiborhood best 3 years running ,superior brother 4 life IM WIDELY KNOWN goals:to become the best blader when ever i battle(reached) to have and participate in a epic tourement (not yet) to have over 10 buddies in buddy list(reached) to have over 100 posts(reached)

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