Your Best Comebacks

Kid: You're such a f@g.
Me: Do you even know what that means?
Kid: ...
Me: Exactly.

Either that or my feet; I walk away. Then again, that wouldn't be 'coming back', would it?
I checked through the thread and I'm pretty sure no one else posted it, so BEHOLD..

I know you are, but what am I? /Winning.
careful, a kid got into a fight and had a broken arm using that comeback on a kid clearly stronger and more experienced
my best comeback.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. well, when I got rejected recently from my friend(close one), i said "I knew you were going to say that you(i will not finish this)
(Jun. 26, 2011  2:02 AM)Captain Caprii Wrote:
(Jun. 23, 2011  1:55 AM)Chinmoku Wrote: This is mine:

"Why you INSIGNIFICANT piece of psychological INGENUITY! How DARE you insinuate that I, I would tolerate such a DIABOLICAL and UNETHICAL INSULT!!!"

People will say you "talked school" to them. The looks on their faces are the best part Wink.
This is the best come back for only one reason.All the bullies and n00bs don't know what your saying Joyful_2.Come backs Uncertain i don't have one i just shut my mouth up and doing waht i was doing 0-0.i only got in a fight once my whole life to Joyful_2 ofcourse i won. (-.-)Y

"it was bey related then" who said that
(Jun. 25, 2011  12:13 AM)Callum6939 Wrote:
(Jun. 24, 2011  10:04 AM)Robsta Wrote: My comeback is a right hook in the jaw.

Yes!!! Finally i thought i was the only one to get into fights, except i tend to go for their nose (slightest hit hurts like hell) or neck (paralyze them for a few seconds) Tongue_out

note: when i mean neck, i don't mean strangle them, as thats just bad, i gt a pressure points to either pin them or paralyze...

I use the right hook in the jaw alot ,but i like kicking in the shin better.
"At least I didn't fail as much as your Mum's abortion/ Dad's condom."

Someone kill this thread.

Strike it down.
(Jun. 27, 2011  9:33 PM)Khel Wrote: Someone kill this thread.

Strike it down.

Even I second that. It was an OK idea but we all have pathetic comebacks...

Yeah, close the thread
The only comebacks I use:

"Your such a *insert insult here*, you *insert something nasty here* *insert wild animal here*!!"
Me: "Well, you'd be the expert on that, now wouldn't you?"

When I was little, kids used to stick their tounges out at me... I'd reply with - "Sorry, I'd rather use toliet paper. Take your business elsewhere please."
Here are some: Funny Joke
Thats cool bro
Do somthin you wont come at me come at me
Thats what she said
Your mom
Me not understand retardo
ohhhh is that it?
This is one I made up,
Some guy did a really good comeback (forgot what it was) in an arguement.
I said"Do you know why your so good at comebacks?"
He said"Why?"
I said"Your Mom"
It might not be the best, but that guy could'nt think of a comeback after that.
You know what's better than a comeback? Straight-up not giving a damn.
That and learning some form of self defense in case they get physical.

But yeah, this thread is pretty sad and I agree with Khel.
the key to my comeback is to scare the carp out of people, like this is what I do: I get all wide eyed and put a serious look on my face then I look them stright in the face and crack my knuckles, then I say in a serious tone; If you don't be good I will have to eat you. ( Now of corse you know I won't realy eat them but if people think your crazy they will think twice about picking on you. just be carefull when you say this and remember its all in the acting.)