Worst pain you have ever experienced

(Jan. 07, 2011  3:23 AM)Yu Tendou Wrote: I was taking a shower then my dog busted in the bathroom and started biting my balls (Sorry if its inaproppriate stuff), i kicked my dog then blood was squirting out of it.

Wut!? ouchy... You alright man?
I need to pour the medical thing that the docter gave me over the affected area and it feels like somthing burning my body.
(Jan. 07, 2011  12:52 AM)lightninglibraX Wrote: REALLY?!! It was a near death experience? you knw what, now one of my goals in life is to hear a doctor say, "He's lucky to be alive" or, "You should be grateful"
Good job you see what you made this kid (me) want to hear before he dies? yeh thats not good. lol

Lol it was rough; I fell down my stairs missing the stairs and landing on the cement slab on the bottom crushing my left elbow and my left wrist, almost landing on my head. It was rough cause I was at the bottom of the stairs not being able to move screaming for help from someone in the cold. noone came til like 15 minutes later, then I went to the E.R. and got all fixed up. I was in the hospital for like a week and a half. I'm glad to be alive.

Offtopic Some of these posts on this topic seem a little fake hah. glad I have pics to prove Tongue_out
When I broke up with my girlfriend...It hurt badly...
I had a broken wrist and i was getting some food. i dropped a bag and my reaction was to grab it. stretching a broken wrist to full length is painful.
You should have used your other hand... Or both of your wrists are broken?
lil brother bet me at beyblading
after that day i never go easy on anyone
That has nothing to do with pain. Please contribute to the conversation.
I was riding my bike down a hil and the breaks jammed so i front flipped over the handle bars and smashed my face into the cement and black out for a couple minutes
with my skateboard Unhappy
i broke my two feet and my arms
and my teeth broke to...
i have alot of scars on my body ><
(Jan. 09, 2011  4:12 AM)Hypersonic Wrote: You should have used your other hand... Or both of your wrists are broken?

no just one but it was my dominent hand so it reacted.
This thread has gone on for far too long.

I'm glad you all found a cheap way to increase your post counts, but this thread is toast.