Why do you like beyblade?

My honest answer:

I love Beyblade because it allows me to have my own little private hobby time. Im sure you guys know the feeling, how sometimes you just don't want to be around anyone else? Back in 2002, Beyblade became my center of focus during that time.

I love the customizable aspect, and learning how to make the best beyblade for any situation. Being able to discover new things and show the rest of the community is honestly pretty satisfying.

It's a great time killing, hands-on hobby that I can do on my own. I love it.
my mom got me one for Christmas when i was like 9 and i was like WTF I WANTED A GAMECUBE!!!
so i started playing with it and i was hooked lol
I started blading when it came out in north America. I stopped right before hms came out because it was not "cool" to beyblade. I totally missed out on hms blades, but I love metal fusion/fight because it reminds me of when I was younger, and because I love when they smash each other and go flying
i got into beyblade on accident.See I Went over to my buddys house,(several years ago)and i saw them playing with beyblade,and now i am hooked.
Funny sounds when they hit ( Dark )
'Cause, I'm #1 at my school.
too many noobs using straight forward attack, while i use defense.
i love it because i think of beys as actual animals and people i mean i find myself talking to them very often well i dont know i could be crazy another thing i love it even though i get picked on for it i guess i use it as an outlet for my anger
It's a rather childish hobby and I'm teased by my friends but I don't let that bother me. I have a good 10 friends that do enjoy it as well, and although they are total noobs I try my best to give them some common beyblade knowledge.

I like it also because it gives me some time to just feel like a lil' kid again, though 13 is not very old, I first started playing with beys when I was 6. (Reason I feel nostalgic)

I love how you can customize the beys and make a bey precisely for one situation to win, and it's very fun collecting , testing, and customizing/trying new combos.
strategies, friendships, all that kind of stuff (plus they're addictive and fun!!!)
I love beyblades because it was one of the first toys I played with when i was little. Along with Digimon, I loved Beyblade.
I Was really close with my grandmother when she died i wasen't able to study properly i was lacking focus , after a year or so Beyblade started airing & due to my competative nature i really loved the idea of mixing sports + competitions + Japanese unique innovative thinking & finally it was a Anime so who wouldn't like it

When i played with the beys i started to enjoy life & here in india seeing nothing much exciting happens it was a blessing in disguise for me i got my focus back & now i am eternally grateful to Beyblade for helping me so much in my life

I Will support it even if people would eventually quit it because they are old & wanna be the barney stinson of
their life or just become the family guy type or they opt for Battle Strikers instead

Best Regards to the Creator of Beyblade ,

To be honest I like Beyblades because it is such an interesting hobby.
It is also a really good time killer when you have nothing to do.
Also it looked really awesome on the Anime. ^^
i just love beyblade!i got into it only in like what?...january this year maybe?anyway it kind of sucked cos im really young compared to u guys so i didnt know about the old school beyblade tv show until not that long ago.i used to just watch my brothers blade and sometimes vs them.now i wish that the plastic generation of beys could come back!
I love Beyblade because with Beyblades,nothing is impossible!! Grin
i like beyblade because of the fact you can custermize them and lets face who doesnt like spining tops also i like the cartoon but i was disappointed when i got my dark wolf that a red wolf did not come out of or that i could not control it
the reason i like beyblade because when i was a little kid i played with my big brother it was the most coolest experience ever today i feel the same feeling ever day when i train my Rock Scorpio bey but i dont remember what bey i was using when i was a little child and yeah im 12 XD
Why do I like Beyblade? Hmm...because it teaches you how to get people out of your way. :3
the reason i like beyblade is because when i was young beyblade was one of the biggest anime hits ever and compared to all other franchises with an anime (like bakugan , crushgear , bdaman , yugioh , duelmasters , etc) beyblade still stands strong even after years when the original plastic beyblade first came out
Its customizabilty always amuses me. you can switch parts for a whole different battle, then switch again if it doesnt work. Its just my kind of game. you pull a string really hard and they spin. I just like this.plus i just feel an obsession with it. Eee

3,2,1 LET IT RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like plastics because they were so carpin' awesome. I don't like MHS' because... I HATE THEM. Don't ask me, it's a touchy subject...
I guess I like MFBs because I missed plastics. And my mom threw 4/5s of my plastic beyparts away. WAHH. And they have a way to name them, so instead of calling your blade "Ultimate Killy Killy Death Monster Rarrr Evil Killer Rubbish Chucker LALALA Yo' Mama Jokes are bad hater Happy Happy Fun Time Terminator Gun Firer Hot Dog Man Thing" or "WackyInflatableArm-wavingTubeman" You call it MF Lightning L Drago CH120 RF.
I like beyblade in particular because I love the collectible thing and the blade gimmicks that you can see in battle.
how i got into it is how nearly any five year old would, saw the tv show and saw other kids playing it. i played it for 4 years before the blackout came and my last bey broke. then i found this site through battle strikers (which should i add, got into because it reminded me of beyblades) then i heard a tournament was being held around my area so i bought l-drago and tried to go. end up coming last but l-drago was lost that day. ever since i have been boosting my beyknowlaege and battling. it's one addictive game.
i saw this thread,and though "why do i like beyblade" is it becuase i am destined to become a 40 year old guy who lives with his mother and plays with spinning tops and talks online? then i though haha funny,but on the more seriouse note,i watched some beyblade videos,new and old and tried to figure out why i liked beyblade.
I like it becuase, theirs constent action going on,theirs no limit to what combos you can make,you can make combos to your liking,they look awesome,sometimes the battles are just epic,it helps you meet people,its fun,the anime used to be good,i keep getting better and better at it eahc time i losse or win,its just an amazing/awesome hobby and plus its a piece of my child hood i dont wanna let go off,and it helps me keep my child side and imagination going.
(btw i prefer the good old plastic beys instead of MFB)

Because battlebots are expensive, but I still want to customize/build/battle something
because i like to customize
i wonder why i like plastics best?