Why do you like beyblade?

personally I like beyblade because I ,love thought involved in coming up with combos and different combinations in order to beat others. also i like the designs and the spinning of each
(May. 30, 2021  3:24 AM)FS_Promise Wrote: Gonna be honest it’s probably Autism lol. I may not be diagnosed as of yet but it’s very obvious that I have it and I always thought Beyblade was a Special Interest since I’ve been playing and watching it for as long as I can remember.

I also suspect I have some form of ASD, but maybe Asperger's Syndrome where it causes you to have an immense interest in what you like, for me - Beyblade and Chess XD
I think beyblade has been fun for me and I loved it since I was 6 so playing with them made me feel happy