Why did you choose your avatar and signature?

So, why did you pick your avatar and/or signature? I picked my avatar because, well i like Draciel. As for my signature, just a bunch of advertising (my team, story, and site).
Shouldn't hurt I guess

Avatar: it's a set with my main signature, plus, it's an edit of a real drawing I did, so why not, looks cool.

Signature: main, same as above, in spoiler, I loved that Ironman one, won a battle with it.
Avatar: I enjoy memes (look it up) so that's why the face is back there. it is called the "me gusta" face and people will sometimes change gusta to something else and end it with an "A".

Sig: They ALWAYS seem to be too large, so i took it down.
I chose both as I love wolf! Also the bey is very unappreciated and it's characters are forgotten.
I picked Variares because it is my favorite beyblade.And Ren Kurenai because it is my favorite beyblade character (girl)
I picked mine cause I love tf2
I picked my;
Avatar - Cuz it was one of my first ever avatar's and my longest lasting one ever, I recently re-found it.
Signature - PERSONALIZED ANIMATION!? How can you not love that???? xD
Spoiler - It's just some epic work by Focus :3
i picked mine because helios is AWESOME and EPIC also it ties into the theme of me liking beyblades operated by fire
I chose my two for advertisement of some of my best work.
Because me and Kujikato are GFXers, we usually get a set that we made ourselves soo.....

My set is Dead Space, because I got in the game since a month.

Luck: It's not your Animation though. IIRC, It's (EDIT:) Nocto that was modified to your liking...
Not mine, no. but it doesn't mean I don't have a reason why a have it. And no, it was Nocto :3
And, btw;
In the spoiler the new image is cuz i like halo XD ((And yes, this one was made by me.))
I know my name does not go with my sig and avatar but my I really want to be epic ( which I am not ) and they look completely ............well ..................EPIC

About my avatar, i wanted something about the series of Metal Fight Beyblade 4D system, and yes i like it, not that its the best image or my favourite.
I also requested my parents to put that image on one of the bathroom door of our new house , i will post its pic in a few days.
Haha :3 so you can remember your WBO acc every time you go to the toilet XD
Well, I am a GFXer (Like Synth and Kuji, just not at their level) so I usually make myself a sig/avi set.
My set is Teru~
I just love Teru. I dunno why.
To be honest, I'm surprised my set isn't Doji, since he's my favorite...
Anyways, yeah.
I made this set cause I love Teru~ <3
Just like Synth, Kuji, and Chinablade I am a GFXer so I make my self sets
My sig is Goku because Goku is awesome!
My avatar is Ichigo and he is almost as awesome as goku!
so that's why I have my sig/avi combo set the way they are.
Beybladeforever: Your sig/avi are not actually a set, they're seperate like mine Joyful_3
I'm a Saint Seiya fan so yeah XD (Cygnus Hyoga)
Overall, I'm just a huge Daft Punk fan XD

My avatar is the cover to their album "Discovery" because that probably has to be my favorite Daft Punk album to date
My avatar is a stock I found of Daft Punk on their Alive 2007 tour, and I modified it to make it look like an actual tag to use for a signature, hah.

And apparently I'm one of the only GFXers to not use a proper set... lol, makes me special :3
Hi, can I just start off by saying Snake is the best contestant in Zero's nonary game.

Now that we've all established that, my avatar and signature are both obviously of him. The avatar is slightly animated so it doesn't look obnoxious along side my posts. But the movement of his mouth looks like he's just flapping his lips like a baby :L

Signature is simple and not really bustling with activity, just a closeup of his watch with some vignette border and effects.
Well, I have been a HUGE fan of Kai since I got into Beyblading.

I chose my-

Avatar- I like Kai. He's the best beyblade character I've seen yet. I'd usually just keep a normal picture of Kai there, but its a trend that certain members have been following lately- Having animated avatars of a special move.
This of course, is Blazing Gigs. Its not one of my favorite special moves, but its one of the times when Kai looks the best. Tongue_out

Signature- I had a special "bond" with the L Drago series. Lightning L Drago has been my first MFB, and also a what brought me back into beyblade. Meteo L Drago is a superbly beautiful bey... L Drago Destroy.... Um, that's just a formality, haha!
All this, coupled with Synth's GREAT work with the sig, has been the reason that supports the use of my current signature.

I've actually never changed the image in my signature since I got it made. Smile
For my signature,well my signature is what my dream person would look like in pokemon and theire name. Avatar, it would be because Anchor is preety cool at making stuf like this and I like pokemon.
Well, I made my avatar/sig set because King is one of my favorite bladers. I like the way the set came out so I decided to use it. King isn't exactly my favorite character, but one of. I could have made a sig with Tsubasa, Jack, or anyone else, but I really like the color scheme of King's clothing. And since he's a cool character, I figured why not?
Anchor king is the best character along with kyoya,ryuga,etc...

avatar-i like ryuga and the way he battles in the series

sig-beybladefoever made it
I chose Spawn for my avatar because He's my favorite super hero(who wouldn't like a green lantern that doesn't need to recharge plus a sick tattered cape with it's own powers). And while I don't have a picture for my sig, (when I'm done with you, you wont be able to pick up a bey) I say that because it will be true, and Ryuga, Doji before he "died" and of coarse the howl of my Earth Wolf DF145HF brought in some thing that I'll better explain here http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-story-Re...power-ch-1