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Im from Finland and Ireland but I live in Ireland Athough I dont have flame libra it is my favourite.I love my beyblade.If your hosting a tournament in Ireland please inform me.I hate when people say I have a bad bey If you have a way I can inprove my bey please pm me. My bey is Metal face bolt Burn Rex AD145WD. I want a good stamina and will buy whatever it takes for me to have a good stamina bey.I like angry birds and zelda, mario, pokemon and the best of all.......BEYBLADE.Last year I tried out in the championships but I failed missrably in the first match,but I will not give up.If they have another one I will definatly go.My dream is to become no.1 in Ireland or the world.A few months ago my best freind, a realy good blader moved to England.I wish I could go see him but I cant but he said he might be coming to Ireland soon. Beyblade is VERY BIG in my class.Although only 3 girls inculding me like it.I have hosted 2 tournaments in scool and one in my house.

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