Who is your Fav beyblader?

(Dec. 28, 2018  1:47 AM)GrantGogi Wrote: my favorite is cuza akermann from burst

there are plastic beys?

Oooh thats a good pick!! Rarely anyone likes Cuza (where I came from)

Plastic Beys mainly refer to the Original series with Tyson, but can also refer to Burst’s Beys (exception is Lui, since his Bey has metal in it)

(Dec. 28, 2018  2:41 AM)MDK Shady Wrote: Pretty simple really, he left the show

Thats something I sometimes tell myself, haha. Still, hes my favorite Blader so I wished more couldve been done with him (Right now I could only write darkfics and what-ifs stuff about him. Oh well)