Who is your Fav beyblader?

(Dec. 28, 2018  1:47 AM)GrantGogi Wrote: my favorite is cuza akermann from burst

there are plastic beys?

Oooh thats a good pick!! Rarely anyone likes Cuza (where I came from)

Plastic Beys mainly refer to the Original series with Tyson, but can also refer to Burst’s Beys (exception is Lui, since his Bey has metal in it)

(Dec. 28, 2018  2:41 AM)MDK Shady Wrote: Pretty simple really, he left the show

Thats something I sometimes tell myself, haha. Still, hes my favorite Blader so I wished more couldve been done with him (Right now I could only write darkfics and what-ifs stuff about him. Oh well)
Sora from Metal fusion odd pick but is so relatable as a character and just love the way he is, And Shu from burst same reason he wants to become the best and manage to defeat lui but can't because he's not strong enough and is just a interesting character. These my my favs love them or maybe I just love red eyes
My favrite is free da la hoya because he is cool
Burst : Lui Shirosagi and Phi
Plastic : Kai
MFB : Ryuga and Damian
Burst : shu , free , valt and phi
Mfb: ryuga , king , chris and kyoya
Plastic : brooklyn , kai and tyson .
Overall ranks :
1. Brooklyn
2. Kai
3. Tyson
4. Shu
5. Free
6. Valt
7. Ryuga
8. Phi
9. Kyoya
10. King
11. Chris
12. Gingka
Plastic Gen - Kai, Brooklyn
Metal Fusion - Ryuga, Kyoga, Tsubasa
Metal Masters - Ryuga, Julian Konzern, Kyoga, Masamune
Metal Fury - Ryuga, Kenta, Kyoga
0G - Shinobu, Sakyo, Gingka
Burst (Dual) - Shu, Lui, Xhaka
Burst God - Valt, Sisco, Free, Red Eye/Shu, Lui
Burst Chouzetsu - Aiga, Shu, Valt, Free, Phi, Hearts, Night
Burst Gachi - Idk
Plastic : kai hiwatari
Metal : Ryuga, kyoya tategami
Burst :. Aoi valt, Lui shirasagijio,ranjiro kiyama,

1.aoi valt(fav)
2.shirasagijio Lui(fav)
3.kai(do I need an explanation)
4.kyoya(lot like me)
5.Ryuga (do I need an explanation)
9.zac the sunrise

The reason I like ranjiro is that I admire his sense of friendship.he is always there by aigas side.
Even though dark aiga has scolded and shouted badly against him,he still is loyal to him
Free, Sisco and for some reason Hearts who's been the only surprise in choz
1. 紅シュウ(Kurenai Shuu)
2. ファイ(Fai)
3. 赤刃アイガ (Akaba Aiga)
4. 蒼井バルト (Aoi Baruto)