(East Nashville, TN) Team Cho-z TN destroyers

PM me if you want to join and say the name of your bey and i'll let u in.
well since its east TN would anyone be able to attend this tournament ...https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-The-Big-Bang-Genesis-Theory--91229
(Feb. 07, 2020  9:33 PM)Edallurs2.0 Wrote: well since its east TN would anyone be able to attend this tournament ...https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-The-Big-Bang-Genesis-Theory--91229

1: The tournament has reached the player cap
2: This is a thread for TN. I doubt anyone wants to drive that far
3: This is a team thread, and the 2 posts before yours were necro-posts.
Once this corona virus goes away, we shall have our very first meeting. Do ya'll know where the shelby park community center is? That is where we will have our first meeting. Btw all of you, your in. You can bring your stadium if you want. I'll anounce our very 1st meeting when the corona virus is gone.

ya'll can bring as many beys as ya want weither it's gachi or turbo or evolution, it'll be fine by me. Also, just putting this out there, but i only have a turbo stadium but i'll try to clean it up the best to my autistic ability.

Lastly, if you feel ill and don't feel like coming, i won't make you come.
the meeting might be schuduled for today. if it is, what time would ya'll want to meet?

when do ya'll want to meet up at shelby park community center?
I'm in guys. However we won't be able to meet. That's ok, we can talk here.
glad to have you here
Mornin' everyone
hello i might not be able to come but i have the best beys ever and (I have Dark Resonance) i break beys for a living.
what beyblade do you have?
i am currently recruiting for a strong team......name your beyblade and if i accept, u can join the team.

You can choose any beyblade you want :)
Bump! All Nashvillians are welcome.
bump times two
Cheetoblader is correct. Merged threads
Thank you DeceasedCrab......i just worried that it's possible to necropost team threads......
bump! need some members