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Country: United States Registration Date: Oct. 11, 2017

Hello, my name is Legend Red Eye better known as HerculeanAMV (KataXHerculean) on YouTube. I am a former AMV editor as well as a former graphics designer. (2017-2020). I have quit this activity due to my lack of interest doing it anymore. I still watch the burst anime somehow. I tend to discuss things here frequently. My favorite top 10 characters and beys from burst are listed down here. 1. Shu Kurenai, Spriggan Requiem 2. Aiga Akaba, Venom Diabolos 3. Delta Akane, Dead Phoenix 4. Fubuki Sumie, Regalia Genesis 5. Gwyn Reynolds, Xeno Xcalibur 6. Phi , Geist Fafnir 7. Valt Aoi, Dread Bahamut 8. Lui Shirasagi, First Uranus 9. Free De La Hoya, Rage Longinus 10. Xander Shakadera, Shining Amaterios

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Legend Red Eye hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.