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Country: United States Registration Date: Oct. 11, 2017

Hey there! I'm assuming you are here because you want to know more about me. Well, I'm popularly known as HerculeanAMV on YouTube. I used to post AMVs and Edits relating to Beyblade Burst. I've started this activity in October 2017-September 2019. I made over 50+ AMVs and Edits/and 100+ GFX requests relating to Beyblade for my audience. I've got a YouTube channel with over 1k + subs, and I'm planning to move on and switch my channel into a gaming content and earn a few $. (This is the only way that I can legitimately earn money online and as a part-time job using the Internet.) I did liked the Beyblade Burst anime or at least the first 3 seasons, but then I'm starting to lose my interest in the 4th season (Beyblade Burst GT) mainly because they are introducing new characters and dumping them on the irrelevant side and repeat it over and over every season. I'm currently living in the U.S. I'm planning to move to either Canada, UK, or New Zealand during the Summer of 2020. 2020 will be my final year for Beyblade and I'm officially declaring my end for watching any anime in general. I'm currently 15 years old. (August 20, 2004) I'm a Sophomore (10th Grader) in Edina High School. A few goals I have got this year academically, 1. Do my best and at least earn A Honor Roll on all my classes. (Hardest ones, in my opinion, is AP Statistics, Pre-AP English 10, Spanish III, and AP World History.) This goal is accomplishable but I've to work and devote more time IRL. 2. Earn the "Earned Honors" achievement in English. 3. Get 5 or 4 on the AP Exams (for Statistics/Trigonometry, and World History) 4. Do my very best to help others in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) related problems in Peer Tutoring. 5. Not being a slacker, doing my work on time, and not being an all-nighter. Final goals for my hobbies. 1. Win a tournament in Novice Lincoln-Douglass Debate. 2. Reach the Varsity team next year. 3. Do a hip-hop dance in front of a crowd 4. Compete in a tennis tournament. 5. Do great on my Cricket season. (Goals at least 100 runs in one my runs.)

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