Which Character Can You Launch Like?

Which characters do you launch like for fun? Usually I’ll do  a launch somewhat similar to Vaults style, yet other times I’ll launch my Beyblade higher and have it bounce like a Cuza. I’m not sure if I could ever even attempt to launch it like Zach, Clio, or Shu (his Crux launch), but I can see someone out their must’ve tried to do it at least for fun? What characters for from the anime do you usually look usually launch like, Orr they try and imitate when you are bored?
I use Shu's Crux Boost, but different. In the anime, Shu brings his launcher all the way over to the length of his shoulder, but I just go to the right side of my chest for more control. Sometimes I combine it with Valt's Rush Launch to create even more momentum. Sometimes when I'm feeling dangerous, I use Xander's launch.
I use shu's lauch sometimes. I can launch with my left hand too, and I do have more control. If I had a sword launcher I would use my signature launch that I made. I use it for my custom bey Arc Leviathan's special move. But leviathan is not made yet. Anyways, my custom launch is a combination of Xhaka and Boa's launch. I jump forwards and stop in front of the stadium, and then I launch like Xhaka. But like I said, don't have a sword launcher but that's what I would do lol
Shu in beyblade burst evolution
Lets see...
I can do: Zombie Launch, Rush Launch, Skyscraper Shot, Sprint Boost, Aerial Boost, Upper Launch, and a bunch more but im lazy rn and not gonna list the rest
I can do practically any launch from the series except for Cuza's backflip lauch cause backflips r like impossible. But mainly I launch in my own unique way which I guess looks like a cross between the way Phi and Lui launch that is followed by a heavy metal styled HEADBANG!!!! #ROCKON! -Avery
Valt rush launch
Shu crux boost

Lui normal launch
Nightmare possible,but doesn't make a difference

Free hand spin

And many more .....
I can do Zac’s Rolling Shot it was always my favorite
aiga's launch
i just kinda like it tho
I’m trying to teach myself amane’s Launch but I’m scared I’ll break my launcher lol

I also like doing laban’s launch
I can launch like the side characters...
Really common launch :V
HMMM... maybe Valt Aoi , Gingka Higane , Or Masamune Kadoya ...