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Country: United States Registration Date: Feb. 11, 2019

Sup! I am Avery a 15 year old rocker with a dream of being a rockstar. However other than music my hobbies include rollerblading and beyblading. Even though I wouldn't consider myself a superfan or anything like that but it is pretty fun. However, I am soon gonna have a huge a tournament (with live rock and metal music) known as the Anubis Cup, where I'm gonna reveal my new unstoppable bey to the world of beyblade burst! Beys: Quetziko Q2 orbit (former) Acid Anubis yard (evolving into his top secret unstoppable bey) Shining Amaterios (current) Even though Anubis was chosen to become the ultimate bey Amaterios is just as much of an unstoppable bey in my eyes and is also just as powerful as Anubis is (well at least till Anubis evolves.) Attacks (So u can see how unstoppable my beys really r!) Death Loop (Anubis A2 yard): While drifting Anubis starts to drift in a loop (similar to Satomb's cyclone loop) and while doing the loop Anubis hits the other bey with all its might which always ends in catastrophe hinse the name "Death Loop." Death Drift (Anubis A2 yard): While doing a similar drift to Forneus Emperor drift Anubis charges into the other bey with all its might! Ultimate Death Drift (Anubis A2 yard aka Venom Anubis): When Anubis' extendable tip extends it can drift even faster and when it does that it hits the bey even harder than it used to be able to Death Charge (Anubis A2 yard): When Anubis gets in the center and if another bey hit it hard enough and takes the center Anubis will use the ball on its tip hit the beyblade with twice the power it hit it with! Resurrection (Anubis A2 yard): If another bey were to hit Anubis hard enough where it gets hit up into air and falls back into the stadium Anubis will use the wheeled edge on its tip and getnright back up again and keep spinning like nothing happened. Vibrato (Anubis A2 yard): When Anubis gets in the center it'll start moving around a little but still staying in the center almost like it's vibrating and it'll start fending of the attacks one by one hinse the name Vibrato. Solar Flare ( Shining Amaterios): When Amaterios hits another bey with one of its five hidden blades taking out massive damage on the other bey! Spirit Launch (Shining Amaterios): When Amaterios' tip rams into the stadium walls causing Amaterios to move so fast it looks like a spirit. And when this attack is followed up by another attack it's pretty much unbeatable. Solar Flash Launch (Shining Amaterios): Amaterios' version of Valtryak's Flash Launch. And like Amaterios' Spirit Launch, it is pretty much unbeatable when followed up by another attack. Solar Reflect (Shining Amaterios): After Amaterios does Solar flare and hits the other bey with 1 of its hidden blades another bey could come at it at the same spot and if so its blades will go back inside of Amaterios and reflect the other beys attack. Ultimate Solar Reflect (Shining Amaterios): Ultimate Solar Reflect is similar to Solar Reflect but instead of doing it after Solar Flare it does it after Solar Scream causing it to reflect the other bey's attack but at a much larger scale. Spinning Sol Dive (Shining Amaterio): When Amaterios is spinning airborne and comes down and hits the other bey. Ultimate Spinning Sol Dive (Shining Amaterios): When Amaterios does Spinning Sol dive but with all of its hidden blades out causing way more damage to the other bey. Solar Scream (Shining Amaterios): When Amaterios attacks another bey head on with all of its hidden blades out causing massive damage and it's similar to Brutal Luinor's Dragon Scream.

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