Poll: Whats Your Favortie Type/Genre Of Music??

Rock (All types)
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Whats Your Favortie Type Of Music?

I like Rock and Nightcore the most. Smile
I listen to electronic music... It's the future of music, ans I love classic music too Smile But electronic music request more knowlesge and more work than other genres...
Currently I like EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

Overall I like most genres but nothing slow paced or too mainstream. I often find that songs that are on the radio get overplayed and become either annoying and or boring.
I like Soft Rock, Pop, R&B. Though might not be considered favorite since it's three. My Favorite ( most liked) are probably Soft Rock
rock, nu metal, emo, screamo, goth some rap...
I like nightcore. Only pop, and urbanized music which I dunno the term for it.

EDIT: Mashups and remixes are the ones I like.
pop punk, pop rock, anything avril lavigne really..
Rap (old times with pac, biggie, nas, rakim etc), chill anime tunes (a bunch of "your lie in April" pieces), avicci songs and some grime (skepta and jme really). Yh ik I got an odd taste lol.
My favorite genres are Nu Metal and Alternative Rock. But I also like old music from the 90s, gospel and pagan-folk music. Smile
I like Jazz and Classical
(Jun. 18, 2017  2:31 PM)chips556 Wrote: pop punk, pop rock, anything avril lavigne really..

MEEEEE except i don't like avril lavigne

i'm mainly blink-182 and brand new
I love nightcore because it's so simple but wonderful anyway. I don't care about confused people making Bad jokes about it anymore.
And without nightcore my special Beyblade training wouldnt be so exciting. Smile
i like the band called phish. my favorite era is 1997-1999.
I like Ed Shearan especially Perfect and galway girl

but all of his music is great
my favorite is rap my least favorite is rock and all those melanie martinez and halsey type songs
I Love Metal! Any type of metal from nu-metal to thrash metal to metalcore to heavy metal to groove metal to death metal. I listen to Metallica, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, As I Lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse, Korn, Morbid Angel, Trivium, Pantera, Slayer, just to name a few. My least favorite genres are pop and rap, they are just too overplayed in my opinion and not my type of music.