[Unanswered]  What is the best beyblade ever?

(Sep. 05, 2018  5:09 AM)GOD CHIPS Wrote:
(Sep. 05, 2018  4:45 AM)CitrusNinja3 Wrote: The best Beyblade ever is JoJo's Jynx Ouroboros 0 Viper Atomic. It beats MFB and Synchromes

BUT , Its 3d printed ( Unfortunately ) ! , But overall ,FORBIDDEN BEY .
jO is exactly what people thought Super Z was going to be like, and it's already beating Synchromes. It makes me happy that Takara Tomy didn't take that route.
Plastic and HMS - IDK
MFB - Phantom Orion B: D
Burst : Revive Phoenix.10.Fr.
(Sep. 05, 2018  5:44 AM)Lakshya Mundri Wrote: Plastic and HMS - IDK
MFB - Phantom Orion B: D
Burst : Revive Phoenix.10.Fr.

For Plastic, Driger V2 or Wolborg 4, Hms Dark Effigy MS or Wolborg MS
Else Same
Wyvang x2 Ch120 RF can beat anything in Beyblade burst,mfb,hms,and plastic gen.
Wolborg ms
I have actually no idea
Rp prob
Best combo
Revive phoenix (without outer layer) 0 cross. Atomic
There is no best beyblade

Although if I would pick one it would be Dragoon mf
Duo Uranus
There is no 'best beyblade' but I can say there are some very good bey's which are decent all around. Some of them are but not limited to:

Diablo Nemesis
Jade Jupiter
Basalt Horogium

Cho-Z Spriggan
Spriggan Requiem
Hell Salamander

Gaia Dragoon
Master Dranzer
don't care about teirs, ROYAL KING SPRIGGAN IS BEST BOI
Cho-z spriggan is currently one of the best layers right now. Even being able to out spin HS
I personally don't think that there is a best bey in the game. Everything has a counter.
Overall? pP 00C Xt+. Virtually impossible to OS opp spin and still has some pretty good same spin preformance
My Big Bang Pegasis FGrin is the best. It has a broken final drive, which gives it almost unlimited stamina, amazing attack, and a lot of knockback resistance. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it is probably one of the best Beyblades in the world. I am genuinely confused as to why people are talking about Burst Beyblades, when they are pretty sub-par compared to MFB.
sprizen reckreem or bahomude if we are talking stock combos
If we are talking about stock then Archer Hercules