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Country: United States Registration Date: Nov. 15, 2017

It seems your lurking in my bio huh... I’ve been blading since 2016, watched every Beyblade Anime. Except Beywheelz and Cyborg.(I’ve seen them, just haven’t watched them officially as to how garbage they are. They should’ve never existed). Personally, I don’t enjoy Metal Fight, but the toys are pretty cool for it... until you get to zero g. It’s worse than metal fusion and that says a lot in my opinion.| I’m also going to be the best blader in the world, and everybody will be saying my name >:)| and of you made it this far I congratulate you as you looked at my bio for this long. So anyways my favorite Beyblade Line is Valkyrie.. always Valkyrie. And my favorite protagonists are Valt And Tyson/Takao. Also I hope we get a Beyblade movie with all the protagonists.. except zyro, he’s trash imo. He belongs in the streets. And if you made it this far with me rambling about my love for Beyblade. You literally deserve to become the next bill gates :)

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