Toronto Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: WELCOME TO A&C GAMES IV

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March 12, 2017 at A&C Games in Toronto, Ontario Canada – Burst Format


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Hey everyone! I'll be taking a shot at writing a WELCOME TO A&C GAMES tournament report this time around! You can check out Kei's last report at

WELCOME TO A&C GAMES IV was the WBO's fourth event at A&C Games in Downtown Toronto, with a successful total of 20 participants. Though fairly competitive for the most part, high ranked players 1234beyblade, cadney and pyrus10000 did not make it out to the event as planned. Rather, we were introduced to new players such as doginmylense, who was very skillful in her own right. We hope the trip to Toronto was made all the worth for Yami, who had made an appearance from Silver Spring, Maryland!

First Stage: 5 Swiss Rounds

As per expected with the expansion of Hasbro's Beyblade Burst line, interesting combos were made present throughout the five swiss rounds. Unaware of Dark Doomsizor's performance, one of the highlights for me, personally, was DRose's Dark Doomsizor Force Revolve match against Kei's Neptune Heavy Yielding, starting in a 2-1 lead for DRose, and concluding in 3-2 win for Kei.

[Image: IMG_5121.jpg]

Once the five rounds of swiss came to the end, the top 8 players were determined, with a mixture of win-to-loss ratio and Bucholz score put into account.

1. Tempest546 (5-0, Bucholz: 9.0)
2. JesseObre (4-1, Bucholz, 8.0)
3. Yami (4-1, Bucholz: 7.0)
4. Doginmylense (4-1, Bucholz: 6.0)
5. Mitsu (3-2, Bucholz: 10.0)
6. Kei (3-2, Bucholz: 11.0)
7. jameschaos (3-2, Bucholz: 8.0)
8. Asterisk (3-2, Bucholz: 8.0)

It was surprising to most that Tempest546–who hardly only missed out on the finals at previous events–finished off with a 5-0 swiss record and a Bucholz score of 9.0. First-timer in a competitive tournament setting, Doginmylense, had also got her chance to compete, with help from her Minoboros Heavy Xtreme and other successful combos.

[Image: IMG_7444.jpg]

Finals Round 1: Top 8

Tempest546 vs. Asterisk
Tempest546's Deck: Deathscyther Spread Gyro, Wyvern Heavy Weight, Odin Gravity Xtreme
Asterisk's Deck: Valkyrie Heavy Defense, Lost Longinus Knuckle Hold, Dark Deathscyther Gravity Revolve

Despite having a mixture of a strong launch and a deck almost completely suited for Tempest's, Asterisk did not manage to pull through. However, observation of this match helped me with what to expect from Tempests' next deck, with an idea of his mindset also considered.

[Image: IMG_7391.jpg]

Mitsu vs. Doginmylense
Mitsu's Deck: Deathscyther Heavy Revolve, Dark Deathscyther Gravity Defense, Lost Longinus Spread Xtreme
Doginmyslense's Deck: Lost Longinus Gravity Accel, Yggdrasil Ring Orbit, Minoboros Heavy Xtreme

Doginmylense was one of the finalists I was more confident in playing against, after judging most of her matches and familiarizing myself with her choice of combos. While I wasn't entirely expecting Lost Longinus Gravity Accel, I did Yggdrasil Ring Orbit and Minoboros Heavy Xtreme. The match started off with my Dark Deathscyther Heavy Defense against Doginmylense's Yggdrasil. I had stuck with this choice for 4 of the 5 of the matches, when the score finally swapped from 4-0 from 4-4, with two Burst Finishes from Minoboros Heavy Xtreme. To conclude the match, I switched to the safest combo to in my deck, Deathscyther Heavy Revolve, and won with a 5-4 finishing score.

[Image: IMG_7399.jpg]

Kei vs. Yami
Kei's Deck: Deathscyther Infinity Defense, Dark Deathscyther Gravity Revolve, Minoboros Knuckle Xtreme
Yami's Deck: Lost Longinus Gravity Hold, Dark Deathscyther Knuckle Orbit, Valkyrie Yell Yielding

I had asked Kei about his deck against Yami after the event, forgetting that I had not only judged but recorded the match. I'll let my video do all the talking here, haha.

JesseObre vs. jameschaos

JesseObre's Deck: Minoboros Knuckle Zephyr, Wyvern Gravity Revolve, Deathscyther Heavy Defense
jameschaos's Deck: Xeno Xcalibur Force Orbit, Dark Deathscyther Heavy Defense, Lost Longinus Spread Xtreme

This match wasn't too complicated for JesseObre, featuring a deck fit for jameschaos'. The win for Jesse lead for a spot in the second round of the finals.

[Image: IMG_7405.jpg]

Finals Round 2: Top 4 (Mitsu, Tempest546, JesseObre, Kei)

Mitsu vs. Tempest546
Mitsu's Deck: Deathscyther Heavy Revolve, Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Zephyr, Lost Longinus Spread Weight
Tempest546's Deck: Wyvern Heavy Weight, Odin Gravity Xtreme, Deathscyther Spread Gyro

As I had mentioned above, I observed Asterisk's and Tempest's match and brought his mindset into consideration came our match. I pictured such mindset would be that he would continue to use the same combinations, assuming he did successfully with them in his first match in the finals. While I don't know if that was exactly why he stuck with them, he did, and I had made a fairly decent deck, as a result. I had brought out Deathscyther Heavy Revolve for all of my matches, bursting Deathscyther Spread Gyro and outspinning Odin Gravity Xtreme. This obviously wasn't the brightest of decisions on my part, leading to a score of 4-4, as a result. At the time of match, I was tense (as you can hopefully all imagine) and didn't feel comfortable enough to switch to Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Zephyr, and obviously Lost Longinus was to counter Deathscyther Spread Gyro. It was my Deathscyther Heavy Revolve that managed to pull me through once again!

[Image: IMG_5176.jpg]

Kei vs. JesseObre
Kei's Deck: Deathscyther Heavy Revolve, Minoboros Knuckle Xtreme, Valtryek Knuckle Variable
JesseObre's Deck: Wyvern Gravity Revolve, Deathscyther Heavy Defense, Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Accel

Another event at A&C Games made for another finals matchup between teammates Kei and JesseObre. This time around, however, no Beyblades were switched, making for several Valtryek Knuckle Variable vs. Wyvern Gravity Revolve battles. This concluded in a 6-1 win for Kei.

Finals Round 3: Final Battle & Runner-Up Battle

Runner-Up Battle: Tempest546 vs. JesseObre

Tempest546's Deck: Wyvern Heavy Weight, Deathscyther Spread Gyro, Xcalibur Gravity Xtreme
JesseObre's Deck: Wyvern Knuckle Revolve, Deathscyther Heavy Defense, Victory Valkyrie Gravity Accel

Despite a competitively-better deck from JesseObre, this match-up wasn't too close for him, by any means. Tempest546 managed to pull through with an interesting set of combos, an overall record of 7-1, and his first ever Third Place win.

[Image: IMG_7447.jpg]

Final Battle: Mitsu vs. Kei
Mitsu's Deck: Deathscyther Heavy Revolve, Dark Deathscyther Gravity Defense, Lost Longinus Spread Xtreme
Kei's Deck: Valtryek Knuckle Variable, Deathscyther Heavy Revolve, Dark Deathscyther Gravity Defense 

At this point on in the event, I would have been absolutely content with a placing of any form. In any case, I had got lucky (we call it ''mitsuluck'' in Toronto!) yet again, with a Burst Finish from my Deathscyther Heavy Revolve and two knockouts against Kei's Valtryek Knuckle Variable to follow. This lead for a 5-0 win for me and a First Place win after a few months without a spot in the top three.  

Winning Combinations:

1st: Mitsu

Wyvern Heavy Revolve
Deathscyther Heavy Revolve (Deck Format Finals Only)
Dark Deathscyther Gravity Defense

2nd: Kei
Neptune Gravity Defense
Deathscyther Heavy Revolve
Deathscyther Heavy Defense (Deck Format Finals Only)
Dark Deathscyther Gravity Revolve (Deck Format Finals Only)
Valtryek Knuckle Variable (Deck Format Finals Only)

3rd: Tempest546
Wyvern Heavy Weight
Lost Longinus Heavy Weight
Deathscyther Spread Gyro

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

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Thanks for the report @[Mitsu]! A few corrections: aginst DRose I used NGD not NHY, and against Yami in the finals my combo was DHD not DID.

It was so interesting to see @[Tempest546] and @[Yami] and many other competitors do well with combinations that we might not normally use throughout this event. It's easy to become content with the combos we all think are the best, but it's nice to be challenged by new ideas every so often too, something that always happens when new members join us to play or when players like Yami come in from other communities.
Sorry I could not reply.
My family had to change our WiFi provider for 5 days, now I'm back!

Also thank you for the mention Kei!
Man I wish I lived there and new about it to come there but I couldn't maybe if they come to NYC next time....

Man I wish I lived there and new about it to come there but I couldn't maybe if they come to NYC next time....
(Apr. 05, 2017  11:45 PM)Theawsometurtle Wrote: Man I wish I lived there and new about it to come there but I couldn't maybe if they come to NYC next time....

Man I wish I lived there and new about it to come there but I couldn't maybe if they come to NYC next time....

All of our tournaments are fan-run, but if you can't try hosting yourself, it wouldn't hurt to let the NYC community know that you're hoping to play in a tournament soon!