[Manhattan, New York, USA] any bladers around?

Alot of people mention tournaments in New york but it doesnt happen will anyone be intrested in a tourny in the city area because if you are i kno tons of people that would want to come so respond and lets get something going. It would be good anywhere in the 5 boroughs but Manhatten, New York, New York is more centralized
You should start spelling "Manhattan" correctly, and also add brackets in your topics title, to conform with the other threads.
I'm down.
oh ok sorry Kai V ill edit it now and cool cye kinomiya try and get more support
me and my team are in Manhattan, i'll b down with it, but i gotta see if they'll go lol

-Raded Out-
alrighty thats awesome all the support we can get willl be great
I'm about 90 minutes away so I may be able to go. Just need the details.
ok cool we need more support before details are made though
I have 3 or 4 friends who may be able to come as well.
alrighty good good we should get something started then
Hey I live in Queens, but I can easily take the 7 to get to Manhattan.
alrighty awesome we need everone we can get
so when do you wanna try to get it started?

for now we should atleast make some kind of simple plains for starters. Like location, maybe which month. idk just tossing ideas around
We should do it around next month or something. Cuz most public schools in NY start on September 8th. Well my school does..
Lucky you. lol i start college on friday lol
yeah i think september might be a good time and on a saturday weekends are best for things like this and a park is propably a good meeting place any ideas
We should try to get a few more people. And anytime on the weekend would basically be fine for me and my friends.
Sounds good. I think Weekends would work best for every one. So parks. which parks do you think might be best?
We need to find some more New York beybladers and/or people who could travel to NYC.
Does it have to be in Manhattan?
no but it has to be close to the city and yeah every1 try and bring friends and Saturday is good but what good parks are there other than central and battery
I also want a tournament in Manhattan or in the city i Know Lots of people that would comeget out
I think we should all meet up once to get to know who's who and stuff and then while we're all together, we could plan a tournament? Idk just throwin ideas out there. Tongue_out
All of us don't have the time to meet up multiple times. I don't live in NYC, I live 90 minutes away so that would be too much of a hassle. Would it be possible to have it some place outside of NYC where traffic wouldn't be impossible or is that out of the picture?