Team Lupus!!!!! [California,United States of America/International]

welcome to the den of the wolves mysteryblade and ~classik~
I lost count, what rank would they be?
i am not sure
(Sep. 15, 2014  2:54 AM)aurawolf Wrote: i am not sure
Who's the delta wolf anyway?

I think we should discuss more about by PM'ing
Assuming that [@Leone7] is still a member(where have you been?), you would be Kappa wolf. And [@DrakeThe Awesome] Do you think that you'll be able to make a clu in your school aswell?
Hey,Looking for a new team,You guys accepting?
I'm very sorry to have you wait. Our schedules are pretty hectic. Would you still like to join?
Is anyone looking forward to the upcoming qualifier this May? I believe it will be Team Format, so it would be nice To work with you guys again. Here's the link:
How have my wolves been since I have been gone?
Never knew any of these 'wolves' existed. This part has been rather void since april by the looks of things in here.
Things have been really slow here and busy at home. There is going to be a tourney next month. What have the rest of you been up to?
collegeSpeechless and It nice to know the bey spirit is still strong in laEee
Ayeeeeeee. Im actually tryna find a team. Are you guys accepting?
Indeed we are
Team Lynx would like to be rivals with Team Lupus!
(Dec. 18, 2015  9:24 PM)RacingCheetahz Wrote: Team Lynx would like to be rivals with Team Lupus!

your team isn't really set up yet m8
If you can gather up some more members, I don't see any issue with that. A lot of us aren't really active lately, so I think a minimum of 5 total would be alright. If you can get them before the next Tournament, I have great ideas for the title.
I would like to join Team Lupas Smile
Yes, but I don't think I can give you your title yet. I have to sift through our member list and take out the inactive members.

We have like 4-5 members not counting you yet. I'll pm the active members to figure out what's going on.
Hey guys, I don't really know how this team stuff works, but I would like to give it a shot with Team Lupus! If someone could walk me through what goes on here, that would be great.
Sure! Teams are basically like little beyblade cliques who in case of a team event would work together to win. Some of the more active teams even have scheduled meet ups to practice and share strategies. Are you interested in joining the pack?

Aurawolf = Alpha
Earthwolf1404 = Beta
Leone7 = Gamma
Classik = Delta
GreatgodzeusHD = Epsilon
(up for grabs) = Zeta

I basically sifted out anyone who hasn't been online for a year or more. If any of the inactive members come back and still want to be in the team, I'll either fix it or come up with some kind of event to settle any possible disputes.
Is epsilion my new name then XD?

(May. 03, 2016  5:24 PM)GreatgodzeusHD Wrote: Is epsilion my new name then XD?

I also hope we can have a team battle with team lynx someday.
Epsilon is just a title, you don't have to change your username or anything.
I would like to have a team event, but with Meta Madness gone, I think he's by himself.
Looks like team lynx and lupas are the only Socal teams
it's only me for now,one of my brothers might join the WBO though and if he does i will force him on my team.

also GreatgodzeusHD i suggest changing your name to GreatdogzeusHD,i actually read it as that at first and took me until Big trouble in little tokyo to actually read/say it right.